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Trucking companies

Brian Straight Thursday, August 22, 2019

RPA Labs wants to automate your daily tasks

“Robotic process automation has already taken root in other industries like financial services. It’s a perfect time for RPA to disrupt the logistics industry, given the amount of paperwork, documentation and around-the-clock customer interaction that global transportation requires,” says Mike Motsick, CEO of RPA Labs.

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FreightWaves Staff Tuesday, November 6, 2018

White Paper: Trends In Driver Incentive Programs

Retention, training, and the capacity crunch are undeniably hot button issues in 2018. In response, SmartDrive and FreightWaves collaborated to distribute a survey to uncover trends in driver incentive programs. The white paper—based on the findings of the survey, which was fielded in Q3 2018—reveals the steps that trucking companies are taking in order to hire and retain qualified drivers and create safer, more profitable organizations.

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