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Recruiting today and tomorrow with Career Now Brands — Taking the Hire Road

One of the top issues for companies in the trucking industry continues to be the need for more people. Craig Jablonski and Ben Onnie, co-founders of Career Now Brands, have described this need as “insatiable.”

“There are so many things that have impacted candidate recruitment over the last few years, including the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are still lingering effects from that,” said Onnie, who is also COO of Career Now Brands. 

Some of the other market forces that have affected trucking employment over the past few years include higher-paying jobs in other industries and the gig economy, Onnie added.

“All of these other opportunities are taking folks that would otherwise consider trucking,” he said. “These types of challenges are keeping us from being able to hire people at the rate that we need to.”

Onnie and Jablonski came together and started Career Now Brands after several years in the trucking industry. The goal was to create opportunities and enhance the trucking and education industries through updated and useful recruitment marketing solutions by leveraging technology and cutting-edge strategies. 

With trucking recruiting as the largest component of Career Now, in the past 10 years, the company has become a leader in the market and has continued to improve the way companies attract candidates.

As technology has evolved, so has marketing, affecting companies in the recruitment marketing space. Career Now has taken the necessary strides to stay relevant and up to date.

“We started with a very ‘top-of-funnel’ mindset. As we gained experience and increased our capabilities, we started adding more services and offerings based on client feedback,” said Onnie. “While leads are important, we are thinking less about top-of-funnel leads and looking at the whole funnel and updating the whole process in order to best help our clients.”

Onnie and Jablonski have learned lessons along the way through monitoring compliance and technology, as needed.

“These things are all important and also all go together — like how can we use technology to improve these other things and help our clients process people quicker?” Onnie added. “It is important to understand these metrics in order to be successful.”

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