Bringing down the wall: secure streaming data for all

“All points of the supply chain stand to benefit,” says CSO, Sandeep Kar. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Fleet Complete just keeps on rolling out the hits. Already an industry-leader in the global IoT solutions space, just today they announce the launch of a unique cloud-based IoT platform. The platform, CONNVEX, is developed to transform the delivery of solutions through multi-dimensional partnerships between industry stakeholders in the connected commercial vehicle space.

What does that mean exactly? A little bit of everything.

Chief Strategy Officer, Sandeep Kar, tells FreightWaves, “Basically you can think about it like this: CONNVEX provides lots of data for everyone that can be sliced and diced for anyone’s and everyone’s purposes and transferred through secure networks. It’s bringing down the wall across the board. We’re standardizing the information system. It helps drive revenue for co-creation opportunities between disparate connective vehicle stakeholding groups. It delivers value to the end-user that was never possible before.”

Sound like a lot? CONNVEX is complex: scalable and global, connecting vehicle ecosystem platforms, and designed to accelerate the advent and adoption of all vehicle technologies.

Such technology effectively ushers in a new era in the fleet IoT evolution, one that enables disparate stakeholding parties to harness the innovative cloud infrastructure, predictive analytics, and telematics expertise for optimal end-user value augmentation. This will bring transformative solutions to fleet-owners, and also original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system suppliers, aftermarket participants, governments, municipalities, financial institutions and many other stakeholding groups.

A state-of-the-art cloud platform, CONNVEX allows for collaboration of resources in a mutually beneficial ecosystem. It significantly enhances the delivery of solutions and new business models, particularly in the areas of autonomous driving, freight mobility, and smart city infrastructure.

CONNVEX isn’t so much a “solution” as it is a bona fide platform — a tool with huge potential depending on how the data is utilized. From system suppliers to cities and municipalities, to financial suppliers to blockchain connectors. It creates the possibility for new solutions for profitable margins. It’s open and connects partnerships.

“All points of the supply chain stand to benefit,” says Kar. “Every point — all owners. But for right now, OEMs especially. They can now start leveraging the platform to stream data and leverage that data. It helps them with business models. It also helps fleets and end users run more efficiently and effectively at much lower prices than they’re currently using. And then municipalities and cities to help with infrastructure.”

Converging aggregate data and AI-based analytics, CONNVEX provides all contributing participants with in-depth learning and unparalleled insight that is critical for the design and development of unique solution offerings. The scope includes remote diagnostics and prognostics, safety and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), ride sharing, electric vehicle mobility, digital freight brokerage and video telematics, mobile resource management and ride sharing, among many others. Each application of CONNVEX is designed to save operating expenses and enhance revenue generation opportunities for end-users.

Can it help shippers too? “Absolutely,” says Kar. In fact, their BigRoad platform already does that, helping shippers and merchants gain visibility with all the outsourcing and necessary transparency with an eye toward improving efficiencies and outcomes. CONNVEX can do that and more.

“We are very excited to release this transformative platform that trailblazes the future of the connected automotive space,” says Tony Lourakis, Fleet Complete’s founder and CEO. “CONNVEX has harnessed the collective intellectual property of Fleet Complete and our partners to deliver powerful cloud-based analytics and solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. It enables the co-creation of new revenue streams and possibilities for the widest range of industry participants. This will affect everyone on every scale, transforming mobility as we know it.”

CONNVEX has already made waves in the connected vehicle industry, stimulating partnerships both current and prospective. It is now being leveraged by leading global vehicle OEMs, suppliers of key vehicle systems and components, cities, navigation service providers, and fleets, among other parties. New productions have already been put into motion and more announcements will be coming in the near future.

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