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Rapid-fire pitch: Cargo Chief’s C4

Millbrae, California-based Cargo Chief showcased their C4 platform at MarketWaves 18. C4 is a system that enables carriers to share available capacity to shippers. C4 then uses this information to match shippers with their existing carriers without having to rely on untrusted contracts.

Customers of C4 can enter the details of their load into the system and invite closely matching carriers out of hundreds of thousands to bid via email. Carriers can respond to loads that match their capacity and counter-bid as they see fair.

Cargo Chief’s CEO and Co-Founder Russell Jones explained the goal of accessibility that Cargo Chief seeks to fulfill.

“For our customers which are freight brokers, we enable those freight brokers who don’t have tens of millions of dollars in development spend to have the same game-changing technology as Uber or Convoy.”  

He views providing customers with digital freight-matching technology as a requirement to survive in the future of the freight market.

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