Convey showcases self-service delivery appointment scheduling


Convey showcased its self-service delivery appointment scheduling platform at the 2019 LINK supply chain conference in Orlando. The platform manages “white glove” deliveries (shipments of specialty goods that require additional attention by carriers) and allows customers to book deliveries earlier in the supply chain process.

Convey, based in Austin, Texas, is a delivery experience management company that helps carriers with delivery solutions. The delivery appointment scheduling platform is part of the company’s Engage product, which helps retailers handle delivery expectations for customers.

According to Convey’s press release, self-service scheduling is offered through its branded tracking page, providing a consistent user experience regardless of the carrier or delivery option offered by the retailer.

Convey’s release said that current methods for carriers to schedule deliveries with customers require an average of two to four phone calls, costing carriers about $5 per call or $10-$20 in lost margin per delivery.

“We know that 8 to 12 percent of all outbound deliveries are failing, and we also know that when those [failed deliveries] create bad customer experiences, 85 percent of those customers will not shop again at the retailer,” said Rob Taylor, chief executive officer at Convey. “Getting deliveries right is the new imperative for retail.”

Taylor said that Convey’s visibility of shipments and its ability to take action when shipments are in distress allow the company to correct shipments before customers are aware of a problem. Convey will also adopt machine intelligence to predict delivery experiences.

“As consumers get more comfortable ordering big and bulky items online, retailers are feeling the impact white glove delivery can have on their brand image, and their bottom line,” said Taylor. “By giving shoppers control over their experience, retailers and carriers will realize efficiencies that improve customer loyalty while reducing operating costs.”

Some of the first carriers to use Convey’s self-service appointment scheduling platform are Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery and Estes Forwarding Worldwide.

“Our retail customers are dealing with shoppers’ ever-increasing expectations around the delivery experience,” Shawn Khan, president of Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery, told Convey. “Being an effective partner requires us to help our customers meet their promises, however possible. Convey’s innovative, cost-effective solutions help us do just that, by solving some of the biggest consumer challenges associated with large item, white glove delivery logistics.”

Taylor said that the LINK supply chain conference was the best event to showcase the new platform.

“This conference is one of the best of the year for us because it’s full of senior retail executives,” said Taylor. “It’s a great event for us to catch up with existing customers as well as meet many future customers.”

Taylor is confident that the platform will enhance the delivery experience for retail supply chain customers.

“We’re really bullish about 2019. Over the past few years we’ve seen more retailers understand the importance of a customer’s delivery experience. We’re now seeing high volume parcel retailers also understand that tracking is not enough. They have to be more proactive in those delivery experiences,” Taylor concluded.

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