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Getting ready for Demo Day, part 4: wrapping up what companies are going to show

This is our final installment of a four-part series of previews that describe applications that will be shown Monday, November 12 at Demo Day, part of MarketWaves18. You can see the other installments of this series here and here and here.  



Opus9 is a digital 3PL startup for U.S. shippers that provides automated and digital transportation services for small and medium companies to ship truckload and LTL nationwide. Shippers can access Opus9’s platform through the web, get instant pricing on the load that needs to be shipped and the type of truck needed for the shipment. Once a shipper zeroes in on a price, they can move on to booking it with Opus9’s network of carriers, carefully vetted by the company for strict safety and insurance compliance as well as technological capabilities. Nonetheless, Opus9 is not a loadboard but more an automated value-added service, which makes load booking a seamless experience for shippers. The company also provides a free transportation management system as a part of its service, which it will be showcasing at MarketWaves18. Through this TMS, the company would keep track of the shipments, payment information and also provide visibility into the shipment position through real-time tracking of trucks.

Jackfruit Systems

Jackfruit Systems is a Winnipeg-based startup that is looking to address the problem of the driver squeeze by creating an Uber-like shared marketplace for drivers. The company envisions a system where drivers and trucks can float around in a shared economy, on the back of a technological network like blockchain. The idea is to make sure drivers stay in their preferred location and drive a truck only within a certain radius, making sure they return home after a day’s work. This system, the company believes, would encourage more people to become drivers, critical in battling the worsening driver availability issue. Jackfruit Systems has a patented payment processing system which runs on the Hyperledger blockchain platform, helping the company process payments in near real-time rather than taking weeks to settle payments. This apart, the company uses blockchain to improve visibility and transparency on documents that move through the system, making accounting easier for fleets.

Cargo Chief

Cargo Chief, a digital freight startup, will be showcasing its Cargo Chief Carrier Capacity (C4) system. It’s an array of technologies that enable a trucking firm to share its capacity with the company, which in turn would share it with its clients through an API which is integrated within dashboards, TMS’s and their websites. The company assists fleets in real-time matching of capacity and helps unlock hidden capacity from smaller carriers, which account for the largest section of the trucking industry. C4 auto reads capacity emails, understands historical coverage of fleets, and takes in carriers’ preferences to improve matching and productivity. The startup also automates carrier compliance to limit human error during booking and pickup. At MarketWaves18, Cargo Chief would also highlight its booking assistant feature which can simultaneously broadcast load availability across multiple carriers all at once, to get maximum reach and to increase matching possibilities.


Orbcomm is a premier IoT solutions provider that owns and operates more than 30 lower orbit satellites that circle the globe, giving the company the ability to track and monitor assets across a wide variety of markets. At MarketWaves18, Orbcomm is highlighting its fleet management solution that gives fleets the ability to monitor driving behavior, driver trends, and scorecarding, among other features. The application is robust and comes with open-ended architecture, which helps fleets in exerting greater flexibility over functionalities and adapt the system in a way that suits the business. This means that the software could be used by different types of fleets across different verticals–be it a truckload, multimodal, intermodal, reefer fleets, or even ocean container lines–as everything could be tied down to a single portal if need be. Orbcomm is constantly at the bleeding edge of innovation, with it now looking to adapt to the times by working on technology like blockchain and quantum computing, to provide better solutions and consistent support to its customer base.