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Rapid-fire pitch: EBE Technologies

Michael Randone and Rocco Marrari, vice presidents at EBE Technologies, pitched the crowd at MarketWaves 18 with the company’s “Connect Mobile Capture” software.

East Moline, IL-headquartered EBE specializes in the provision of document imaging and workflow software. Connect Mobile Capture helps truckers take pictures of important documents, such as bills of lading, and then integrates those images with the back-office in real time.

When a driver launches EBE’s system, it allows the customizable categorization of documents into different groups such as safety, trips, claims or any other grouping. Once the image of a document is captured, the categorization then allows the document to be correctly routed into the back office systems. So, for instance, the image captured by the trucker will go into the system, where it can be used by the billing staff, who will then send that same image out to a client.

The system accesses the camera and helps a trucker take a picture of the document. It helps by placing an appropriately-colored border around the captured document – green for go and red for no-go. The system also tells the trucker what’s wrong with an image that it rejects e.g. picture taken at too steep an angle.

“It’s a way in which we can reinforce good capture practices right within the application,” Randone commented.

The system captures the document as a black-and-white image and shrinks the file size down from many megabytes to about 50KB.

It’s an “on-premise” solution, so, as Randone explains, its watching for incoming documents and, upon receipt, immediately sends back a note back to the driver. That confirmation indicates to the trucker that the transaction was completed “and there’s really nothing left for them to do,” Randone explained.

The system also scans the batches of documents that are captured and can spot when documents are missing from a given load. It can instantaneously let the driver know what’s missing, or, alternatively, it can be programmed to alert the driver at a set time to all the missing documents in one note. Randone adds that the system can also send a variety of other alerts, such as letting the driver know that a settlement has been posted at the driver portal.

Visit FreightWaves to see more rapid-fire demos from MarketWaves 18. More of the popular demos, which aren’t allowed to use PowerPoint slides and must show the product in action, will be featured at Transparency19, May 6-8, Atlanta, Georgia.

MarketWaves 18 was held in mid-November at the Gaylord Texan Convention Centre in Dallas.