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Helping 3PLs find carrier capacity: Cargo Chief launches C4 at TIA 2018

(Photo: Cargo Chief)

Cargo Chief is coming out of the box with a launch of its public network, C4 carrier integration platform. It’s now available to help 3PLs digitally match freight loads for their shipper customers to hidden capacity found within that 3PL’s carrier network. The process is open and transparent. They also implement multi-patented technologies, and use artificial intelligence to match available capacity in real time. You can even see who has accepted and declined.

Cargo Chief’s C4 platform then provides visibility within the carrier network to find current—and future—capacity available for a load, and then provides options for booking the load on the spot. Additionally, C4 provides the option for 3PLs to access Cargo Chief’s own network of thousands of integrated carriers, providing consistent shipping options for their customers.

When a load is booked through C4, Cargo Chief’s Booking Assistant automatically validates a carriers’ insurance and safety rating with its patented Cargo Safe technology. And, once the load is out on the road, Cargo Locate provides load visibility with real-time, 24/7 on-map location tracking. 

“C4 is the latest development in our continued commitment to help 3PLs and freight brokers realize larger margins and increased volumes using powerful AI technologies,” Russell Jones tells FreightWaves. Jones is founder and CEO of Cargo Chief. “Cargo Chief’s C4 can match the load with the truck, execute the transaction, and monitor and manage every shipment, generating significant gains in productivity and revenue for 3PLs.”

“We’re also announcing a partnership with Roanoke Insurance,” says Jones. “We’re taking the data from the booking assistant and passing that to Roanoke to enable a click-to-buy, spot-load insurance.”

It’s one of many partnerships shaping up for the C4 platform from Cargo Chief. “Uniquely, Cargo Chief enables a 3PL deeper relationships with its carriers. We enable the brokerage to see the existing carrier’s capacity. This saves the brokerage significant time, thus making the brokerage more profitable,” says Jones.

 A screen shot of how the booking assistants page for Cargo Chief looks.  (Photo: Cargo Chief)
A screen shot of how the booking assistants page for Cargo Chief looks. (Photo: Cargo Chief)

“We grew as one of the fastest brokerages. We processed tens of thousands of loads from hundreds of customers with the support of thousands of carriers. We became experts in what a brokerage is all about. So, other 3PLs were actually coming to us, asking us if we’d please license our technology,” says Jones. And after a little over a year of development and beta testing, it’s now available.

Full Tilt Logistics is a privately-owned 3PL and transportation company from Reno, specializing in providing full-service, flexible and customizable 3PL services. Full Tilt has been a Cargo Chief C4 beta customer since 2017.

“The C4 platform real-time database of available trucks and unique “Best Truck” algorithm has already saved our associates hours of phone calls to find carrier options,” said Nic Novich, vice president of operations. “In addition, the Best Price algorithm suggests price quotes to maximize margins based on past history and current market conditions which helps our guys make the right shipping choices for each customer.”

“C4 has given our customers a real, actual understanding of where their product and load is and when it’s going to arrive,” Novich said. “When you’re moving as many loads a week as we do, it can be daunting to gather all of that information.”

 A screen shot of how the results page appears.  (Photo: Cargo Chief)
A screen shot of how the results page appears. (Photo: Cargo Chief)

Carrier Apple Transport from Rancho Cucamonga has seen benefits from Cargo Chief’s C4 platform as well.

“C4 has saved us a ton of time from viewing a load to signing a ‘rate con,’” said Bobby Singh, vice president of operations. “C4 instantly brought us quality load matches for both our regular route and same day trucks.”

Cargo Chief’s machine learning technology integrations empower 3PLs to find efficiencies in their carrier networks while unlocking hidden load capacity.

 Russel Jones showing off his wares at TIA 2018.
Russel Jones showing off his wares at TIA 2018.

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