Inxeption introduces Zippy Freight to smooth ecommerce shipping

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Inxeption, the blockchain-for-business start-up, has introduced a new service called Zippy Freight to help business-to-business (B2B) companies reduce their freight costs and smooth out the complexities surrounding shipping operations. Zippy Freight will be a part of the Inxeption platform, and will allow businesses to control all aspects of selling – including freight shipping and tracking from a single dashboard.

Inxeption pioneered an ecommerce platform that connects industrial buyers with sellers, unlike traditional digital retail marketplaces that directly connect individual consumers with sellers. In essence, this has created a separate niche within e-commerce, putting the spotlight on industrial buyers and helping sellers reduce revenue volatility by guaranteeing repeat customers.

In an attempt to drive consistency within the end-to-end transactions on the Inxeption platform, the company collaborated with UPS (NYSE: UPS) to develop Zippy Freight, through which users can control their supply chains with a few clicks on their Inxeption dashboard. Zippy Freight is agnostic to shipping volumes and parcel sizes; it is tailored to suit operations that range from small parcel shipping to bulky and odd-shaped packages that weigh more than 100 pounds.

“Inxeption’s industrial-strength commerce platform and online product catalog give manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers a simple, fast way to set up a company-branded online site to conduct e-commerce transactions. Inxeption then helps its users list, market and then sell their products to their business customers. Its blockchain-secured technology helps ensure that sensitive information such as contract-specific pricing and negotiated rates are only shared between the buyer and seller,” said Inxeption in its statement.

Inxeption cited the example of Bela Drink, an Ayurvedic beverage company that sells Bela drinks to over 3,000 independent exercise, health and yoga businesses across India. Since the company’s products fall in a vertical that is very fragmented and quite unfamiliar to individual consumers outside the niche, traditional e-commerce entities like Amazon or Shopify cannot help its business – because finding long-term industrial partners is difficult and traditional online retail platforms charge extremely high rates for shipping large orders.

However, Inxeption offers an all-in-one pricing model that allows shippers to dropship their products outside standard work hours, facilitates better marketing strategies with search engine optimization (SEO) options, and even enables track-and-trace of products without banking on distributors for logistics visibility.

“Business customers need more logistics support and flexibility from an online platform than B2C customers do. Zippy Freight is the newest element of a powerful set of capabilities we call industrial or I-commerce,” said Mark Moore, COO and co-founder of Inxeption. “I-commerce offers the ease of use consumers expect, and the flexibility and security businesses demand.”

Apart from the new functionality added to the solution, Inxeption also provides businesses a dynamic platform that can accept changes in real-time – be it product definitions or price revisions. This allows companies to have a consumer footprint on their site and alter product overviews and prices to increase their chances of being bought by a client.

“All you need to do is bring your product to the table, and we will put all the other services and software pieces together for you to be able to sell that product online. You can think of us as a distribution-in-a-box provider,” said Farzad Dibachi, the CEO and co-founder of Inxeption. “It takes products a long time to get to the market. With our platform, product managers can directly enter the market and see their customers’ reaction. This is something that is exciting to our customers, because now they don’t need intermediaries to make changes.”

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