Getting ready for Demo Day at MarketWaves18: what several companies are going to show

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As part of the upcoming MarketWaves conference near Dallas November 12 & 13, FreightWaves will be holding its second Demo Day. The first was at Transparency18 in Atlanta in May; five presenters were deemed “best in show.”

A new crop of presenters will be onstage at MarketWaves’ Demo Day. They’ll have just a few minutes each to tell their story. FreightWaves’ editorial staff reached out to the presenters and asked them to share with our readers what they’ll be demonstrating in Dallas. Here’s a summary of some of the presenters and what they’ll be discussing in Dallas; we’ll be adding more as the conference approaches.

DLT Labs

DLT Labs, a global provider of enterprise data management solutions powered by blockchain, will be presenting its DL Asset Track solution.

DL Asset Track is a supply chain management system for the freight and logistics industry that utilizes blockchain technology to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and optimize the flow and tracking of goods, the company said. This solution guarantees the verifiability of carrier claims and accessorial costs, provides real-time shipment traceability, and delivers the highest level of invoice matching and payment assurance for increased payment approvals throughout a supply chain.

Used within freight payment management systems, DL Asset Track provides that single reference point of “truth” in a transaction for all participants. In addition to verifying carrier claims and accessorial charges, the solution can eliminate payment delays since shipment tender details are updated in a timely manner and stop duplicate entries in different applications due to a lack of data integration/mirroring between systems.

These types of situations lead to higher operational costs due to the time and resources needed to verify costs and reconciling payments. Companies can also eliminate overpayments by shippers and delayed payments to carriers by using DL Asset Track, the company notes.

DLT Labs says its DL Asset Track, like all blockchain applications, provides an immutable, single source of truth for all participants; greater traceability and validity of all authorized data entries in the supply chain; instant verification of accessorial costs; real-time update and verifiability of shipment details; and instant payment clearance at a fraction of the transaction cost.

Additional benefits include a reduction in less time spent on manual invoice reconciliation; enhanced security, better traceability and invoice matching; faster payment of invoices, resulting in more discounts; and tamper-proof claims.

DL Asset Track will enter production in January with a Canadian subsidiary of a major global retailer, DLT Labs says.


Spireon, known for its vehicle intelligence solutions, will be presenting a demonstration of its IntelliScan cargo sensing technology at MarketWaves18. IntelliScan, which has been in operation with a select group of Spireon customers, is now generally available.

The solution provides accuracy in visualizing cargo load status. Using a unique combination of sensing methods, IntelliScan helps identify how much cargo is actually inside your trailer.

“The accuracy of IntelliScan technology is vastly superior to anything on the market today, and the industry has been in dire need of a better solution for cargo monitoring,” said Rick Gruenhagen, chief technology officer at Spireon. “Our new cargo sensor can deliver the precise readings trailer managers need, saving time, reducing detention and maximizing resources to drive bottom line results.”

Spireon’s FleetLocate Cargo Sensor with IntelliScan technology avoids the issues that confound ultrasonic detection systems, such as temperature, humidity, cargo type and the sensor’s distance from the cargo, to more accurately identify the load. Materials placed against ultrasonic sensors can block the sonic waves, potentially identifying cargo that isn’t there. IntelliScan uses laser technology and a camera in a single device to provide cargo detection.

Combining IntelliScan technology and FleetLocate’s advanced reporting and alerts, trailer operators are able to better monitor cargo, manage detention and improve service to shippers while maximizing trailer utilization and accelerating turns, the company points out.

“Inefficient cargo management kills profitability for all fleet managers—truckload, LTL and private fleets alike,” said Roni Taylor, vice president of strategy and business development at Spireon. “We are thrilled to offer our customers ground-breaking IntelliScan technology that will give them a virtual eye inside the trailer to improve detention management and trip planning, both critical for competitiveness in the market.”

Trimble Transportation

Trimble Transportation offers a suite of transportation management software and telematics solutions to 2300 customers in the trucking industry. Its next step, as debuted at its annual user conference, focuses on developing a cloud-based enterprise platform, Trimble Cloud Exchange (TCX), to integrate current systems and host new products empowering customers with unparalleled capabilities to meet demanding market needs.

At Marketwaves, the company plans to unveil concepts developed using Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum frameworks. Blockchain, using its inherit networking ability, is a true enabler for Trimble as it allows both internal and external parties to communicate with each other with full transparency and visibility. Since TCX is already configured to send shipment and location data from TMS systems to visibility providers like 10-4 and others, it offers a turn-key solution to have the same data in a blockchain network with very little effort, which puts Trimble in a unique position to bring this capability faster to the market. Trimble Transportation’s software products, which include TMW, Peoplenet, 10-4 Systems and ALK Technologies, already communicate to both internal external applications for some basic operations. TCX and blockchain will allow those applications to provide a more integrated view of the multiple transactions involved in the transportation industry. With its blockchain feature, TCX-hosted applications will be able to follow a shipment from order creation to shipment tracking to invoice submission to cash collection. Carriers making bids on freight will also be able to have a wider array of data to call on through the use of blockchain-enabled TMS and telematics software.

Project 44

Project44’s technology network empowers transportation and supply chain executives to execute fast, agile and scalable logistics services that meet the rapidly evolving needs of today’s on-demand consumer.  The Chicago-based start-up develops application program interfaces (APIs) that are able to share normalized data with a multimodal network of capacity providers in an automated, real-time manner.

Project44 distributes its solution through web service API’s that are integrated into enterprise software applications, including the top commercial transportation management software, enterprise resource planning, and customer service platforms. At MarketWaves18, project44 will demonstrate how its platform integrates into customer service with CRM software platform Salesforce, consignee applications such as mobile tracking, and operations through data visualization software from Tableau.

Unlike point-to-point integration solutions typical of electronic data interchange and legacy technology, project44’s one-to-many network provides clients the infrastructure required to quickly go to market, flexibility react to ever-changing requirements and scale without added integration complexity.

The company’s capacity provider network eliminates the need for legacy communication tools, while delivering advanced predictive capabilities such as data normalization and enrichment or intelligent routing and mode optimization. Ultimately, enabling project44 clients to make data-driven business decisions at a lower cost and outperform their competition.

Full Circle TMS

Full Circle TMS provides web-based Transportation Management System (TMS) designed for progressive trucking companies looking for the latest in transportation technology. Full Circle was founded in 2015 by Stuart Sutton, who designed and built two other TMS products and has been in the industry over 23 years: a full function TMS; a private load board; a built-in mobile app; and integration with outside systems.  In the demo, Sutton will focus on how its customers are going paperless and invoicing immediately after the trip empties.  The process in the Full Circle tool starts with an order being dispatched to the driver. After each event is done, customers receive emails/text with appropriate trip information. A “customer rate confirmation” is emailed to the shipper and electronically signed.  The signed document is automatically returned into the system and indexed to the order to appear with the invoice. The invoice is final rated and emailed directly to the customer.  This can be done within minutes of the trip completing.

If something changes during the life of the order (detention, redirect, etc.) a new customer rate confirmation” is emailed to the shipper and electronically signed.  The signed document is automatically returned into the system and indexed to the order to appear with the invoice. When the order is complete, the appropriate imaged paperwork is tagged to “show with invoice”.   The invoice is final rated and emailed directly to the customer.  This can be done within minutes of the trip completing.