Omnitracs is pushing towards digital transformation through Rubrik’s API-driven automation

Photo: Shutterstock

Rubrik, the provider of cloud data management software has announced that it would be working with fleet management company Omnitracs to help it protect and manage data more efficiently. Rubrik is delivering an API-first architecture and scalable data management solution, that would allow Omnitracs to accelerate its journey towards digital transformation.

“Rubrik was founded on the idea of bringing new innovation into a market that has been traditionally quite dormant in its data management. It has typically been a market that hasn’t really changed over the last couple of decades and Rubrik comes into this space to simplify processes, which has been picked up by a large number of customers so far,” said Filip Verloy, Field CTO for the EMEA region at Rubrik.

As a service provider, Rubrik would now help Omnitracs simplify its infrastructure and make sure a lean team would be enough to handle operations. “They can focus on their business instead of focussing on managing backup memory recovery, which is what they were doing before,” said Verloy. “The idea of them onboarding Rubrik as a solution is more about time-saving and automation.”

Verloy explained that Rubrik had worked with various companies that were looking to embrace digital transformation, and Omnitracs cut parallels with their previous customers. “There are a lot of ‘legacy processes’ – manual processes that Omnitracs is trying to digitize, and by doing that, they are consuming a lot of different applications and infrastructure. And for this, you need a solution that can sit across them all, and manage all the data aspects of the new digital transformation initiatives from a single source point, which is what Rubrik is focussed on,” he said.

This is important since Omnitracs is a company that has been in the space for many decades, and provides real-time GPS tracking and delivery vehicle routing to 12,000 companies across 70 countries. And for a company this scale, digital transformation is about mobilizing its entire network.

The idea behind the service provided by Rubrik to Omnitracs is that whatever be the direction the company would look to venture in, they would need a platform that has the capacity to run the new infrastructure and not stand in the way. “This is really what we are trying to accomplish with them, and the way we do that is mostly through automation. We typically become an invisible part of the infrastructure, where they can simply buy and automate against the Rubrik platform, integrate it with whatever they chose to build next,” said Verloy.

Omnitracs would be leveraging Rubrik’s APIs with VMware vRealize Orchestrator to take on-demand snapshots that are archived to Amazon’s AWS. “By adding workflows into VMware vRealize Orchestrator, the team is able to further automate the backup process by enabling the appropriate service level agreement (SLA) to be assigned, saving time and manual intervention,” said Rubrik in a statement. “Additionally, on the back end, the team is able to automate the process of creating and deleting virtual machines (VMs) before archiving to AWS, all through Rubrik’s connection to VMware vRealize Orchestrator.”

Post-integration, Omnitracs has reported a 90% saving in time spent over taking backups, which has reduced from 15 hours per week to less than an hour. It has also seen an 89% data reduction due to improved storage efficiency, and thus has decreased its costs by half, by cutting down on backup software and the number of servers that were needed to run its legacy solution.