PeopleNet adds new “MirrorCam” to video intelligence platform

 Along the side of a tractor-trailer is a blind spot for drivers, but it is also an area where incidents can happen. Adding side cameras can help record those incidents. ( Photo: Shutterstock )
Along the side of a tractor-trailer is a blind spot for drivers, but it is also an area where incidents can happen. Adding side cameras can help record those incidents. ( Photo: Shutterstock )

PeopleNet is known for its telematics offerings, but the company has made inroads into the video intelligence space in recent years, and an announcement made on Monday at the National Private Truck Council’s conference in Cincinnati further enhances those efforts.

PeopleNet has released the second-generation “MirrorCam” to its video intelligence tools. MirrorCam is an aerodynamic styled, hood-mounted spot mirror with built-in camera that offers 75-degree visibility down the side of the tractor-trailer. Combined with forward-facing and rear-facing cameras, the MirrorCam completes a four-channel video solution that can save fleets hundreds of thousands of dollars. The rearward facing camera can be replaced by other options, explained Jim Angel, vice president of video intelligence solutions.

First introduced about 2 ½ years ago, PeopleNet’s video intelligence tool offers fleets up to 7 days’ worth of video feeds and 10 seconds both before and after an incident. The continuous recording of activity in and around the truck can also capture incidents even when the truck is not moving, Angel told FreightWaves.

Angel said that there was one PeopleNet customer whose truck was rear-ended when it was stopped at a light. The driver notified the company which pulled up the video of the incident and sent it to the driver. The police officer on scene, Angel said, was set to write a ticket to the driver until he saw the video, upon which he issued the automobile driver a citation. Angel further explained that the fleet’s insurer contacted PeopleNet to tell them the video of that single incident saved a $150,000 claim, more than covering the cost of that video intelligence platform for three years for the fleet of about 90 trucks.

The second-generation MirrorCam spot cameras have been aerodynamically designed and feature shielding from direct sunlight and vehicle headlights as well as a protective cover over the camera itself, allowing the driver to easily clean the mirror without damaging the camera.

Along with the announcement of the MirrorCam updates, PeopleNet announced United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI) has adopted the video platform. UNFI has been a PeopleNet customer for many years, but the addition of the video platform helps the carrier take its safety program to the next level.

“For more than a decade, PeopleNet technology has helped us maximize the performance and safety of our drivers and vehicles,” said Jeff Wismans, national director of transportation. “The video intelligence solution is the logical next step in our commitment to making roads safer for all drivers.”

Angel explained that unlike other video platforms that use an accelerometer to trigger the video recording, PeopleNet’s system utilizes its telematics solution to track deceleration events. All the information for the customer – video and telematics data – is then delivered in a single PeopleNet platform for ease of use.

“We’ve really tried to build this around the industry,” Angel said. “We’ve built this from the ground up.

“We’re in for the long haul,” he added. “We’ve been in telematics for a long time and it’s been exciting to launch a new [arm of the business].”

PeopleNet made several other announcements at the show, including new customers Allied Crawford Steel, Carroll Independent Fuel, and Perdue Farms. In addition, the company named Alicia Jarosh vice president of customer experience. This is a new position for North America, explained Bryan Coyne, executive vice president and general manager of Trimble Transportation Mobility, North America. Trimble is the parent company of PeopleNet.

Coyne also noted that PeopleNet had 7 graduates of NPTC’s Certified Transportation Professional (CTP) program at this year’s conference, giving the company more than 75 CTP professionals in its organization.

“We want to make sure that the people talking to fleets have an understanding of [their needs and operations],” Coyne said of the importance of the CTP designation.

PeopleNet’s 2018 CTP graduates are:

  • Erica Braun
  • Jeff Duffy
  • Daniel Hokanson
  • Eric Krystowiak
  • Laura Long
  • Holly McCourt
  • Sam Sussenguth

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