Peterson unveils patented intelligent trailer system

Peterson showcasing its forthcoming telematics system, the patented PetersonPulse intelligent trailer system, at the TMC 18 show in Atlanta.

Peterson unveiled its patented PetersonPulse intelligent trailer system at the TMC 18 conference in Atlanta. The telematics system brings CAN-Bus technology to trailers that controls and detects real-time status of vital trailer systems. The system integrates the operation and performance of essentially everything: lights, ABS brakes, tire pressure, cargo temperature, and also updates drivers and fleet managers via Bluetooth and cellular connections. Its an upgrade on their current Trimble Pulse system, and will be available in about ten months, at the top of 2019.

“Pulse brings trailers up to speed with today’s smartest trucks,” said Peterson’s director of engineering, Cory Adams. “By signaling trailer issues as they happen, Pulse enhances the safety of driver and cargo, and helps avoid road incidents, CSA violations, and costly fines.”

The system is engineered with high-speed, twisted-pair communication wires and sensors installed throughout the trailer. In a video presentation, the Pulse cabling system is wrapped in a smaller and tighter bundle than standard cabling systems, increasing speed and efficiency. The connections integrate system sensors throughout the vehicle.

“Whether a trailer is parked or underway, Pulse enables real-time monitoring of all trailer systems,” said Adams. “There’s even a backup battery to power the system whether or not the trailer is connected to the tractor.”

With a smart phone, a driver can do pre-trip walk-around inspections to check for issues with any trailer system—a predictive analytics safeguard. On the road, Pulse’s trailer intelligence detects any issues and sends alerts to the driver’s smart phone or tablet. Alerts can also be sent to fleet managers.

“PetersonPulse makes fleet trailers as smart—and safe—as today’s new trucks,” said Peterson vice president of sales, Steve Meagher. “It’s intelligence that allows fleets to truly manage and protect their equipment and the cargo it carries.”

Various installation configurations are available and can be customized to the customer’s exact specifications. ‘Because it’s modular in construction, the system is totally flexible,” Adams said. “We can switch just about anything in or out as the fleet requires. It can be used with any of today’s current telematics providers.”

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Chad Prevost

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