Innovating intelligent drayage

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The intermodal drayage industry continues to face headwinds as new regulations impact driver capacity and ongoing congestion at ports and terminals weighs down operational performance for drayage companies and their drivers. Moreover, these challenges and inefficiencies negatively impact shippers’ global supply chains resulting in added costs and shipment delays.

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Technology has come to the forefront as the solution to transform these ongoing industry ills. It will increasingly take on a critically important role as it reduces inefficiency and improves supply chain and business performance.

Profit Tools, a technology innovator in intermodal transportation optimization solutions, has developed an Optimization Platform which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and intermodal data points to deliver breakthrough intermodal performance and visibility, as well as critical business insights. The AI component, a system’s ability to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, advances the capabilities of this innovation to a level never seen before. 

Optimization is a cloud-based mobile application. It uses AI to analyze the numerous business challenges drayage companies face daily, from dispatch to chassis management and capacity planning, to deliver the best, most effective drayage business solution. With Profit Tools Optimization, intermodal trucking companies gain a competitive advantage and greater productivity.

The impact of better asset utilization, greater efficiency and reduced risk adds up to greater returns so drayage companies and their customers win. Customers realize significant benefits as their intermodal companies expedite the movement of their cargo with Optimization intermodal intelligence, including a higher level of supply chain predictability.

Drayage advancements

Optimization is a new way of working that truly revolutionizes drayage operations by addressing many of the sector’s pain points including: inefficient, high cost, labor-intensive manual operations and decision making; low visibility across the ecosystem (operations and customer perspective), and poor margins due to inefficient dispatch itineraries, inaccurate capacity planning, missed deadline lines and storage charges. 

Additionally, through optimized planning and dispatch, Profit Tools Optimization automatically recommends the best strategic plan for hundreds of containers, every second. A single dashboard quickly and easily provides real-time visibility to key data points.  Here’s the range of advancements from Optimization that help drayage trucking companies improve efficiency and on-time performance:

  • Real-time automated dispatch
  • Accurate capacity planning
  • Dynamic response to delays and traffic conditions
  • Better management of reloads and yard moves
  • Improves empty miles 
  • Automatic chassis management, routing, and reuse
  • Maximize driver utilization and their satisfaction – less waiting and more driving
  • Analysis of operational changes before they happen

This drayage innovation optimizes rail and port drayage movements using data from Profit Tools TMS (transportation management system), or any TMS, combined with GPS, HOS (hours of service), ELDs (electronic logging devices), traffic and turn-time information.  With an easy-to-use web interface and out-of-the-box implementation Profit Tools Optimization offers easy integration.

Innovative technology is transforming global supply chains to accelerate process and operational improvements.  The use of AI is an exciting advancement that tackles major intermodal drayage challenges.  Profit Tools Optimization platform is a breakthrough innovation that’s providing revolutionary performance gains and visibility for intermodal drayage companies and their customers today.

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