project44 presents Advanced Visibility Platform with U.S. Bank backing


project44 announced on February 25 that it had partnered with U.S. Bankcorp (NYSE: USB) to integrate its Advanced Visibility Platform into U.S. Bank’s freight payment solution. The announcement was made at the 2019 Link retail supply chain conference in Orlando.

project44 collects supply chain data through its advanced mobility platform to visualize the supply chain for its clients. The partnership with U.S. Bank will use collected data to decrease the time needed to approve freight bills, according to Logistics Management.

Mike McSpedon, director of strategic accounts at project44, spoke with FreightWaves about the supply chain capabilities of the Advanced Visibility Platform.

“The U.S. Bank partnership is a great piece of information because it allows us to expand upon the capabilities that we’re rolling out in regards to what types of functionality we can deliver back to partners,” said McSpedon.

“As we continue to expand and collect more information from each freight transportation mode, the information we get for each mode is different,” said McSpedon. “That’s why the U.S. Bank partnership is so unique; we’re not actually tracking things for them. We’re collecting data to put back inside a document retrieval application.”

McSpedon continued, “What we allow the end user to do is engage with the data and customize that experience.”

project44 is also collecting information using Internet-of-Things (sensors within common devices) to release specific notifications for clients relating to the supply chain.