Rapid-fire pitch: Drivewyze – Weigh Station Bypass


Dallas-based Drivewyze pitched their weigh station bypass service MarketWaves 18.

Weigh station bypass has enabled carriers to stay on the road and save valuable time, money, and fuel by screening vehicles’ safety record and characteristics. The introduction of ELDs served as a platform for Drivewyze to build a bypass app around the collection of information.

Drivewyze Director of Product Charles Buffone explained that Drivewyze needed to integrate rather than add technology to carrier fleets.

“What we realized was that fleets weren’t interested in introducing more and more technology into their cab, but basically leveraging the existing technology that they had.”

Drivewyze’s bypass app functions by alerting when drivers need to stop at weigh stations and lets them know they are able to bypass stations when they’re in compliance. It also enables a scalable model for law enforcement to monitor and connect with carriers.

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