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Freight matching Cargo Chief announces new data partnership

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ghTrack will be integrated into Cargo Chief’s data streams alerting brokers and transport companies about empty trucks in specific areas that are ready to drive a load

Supply chain data aggregation firm GateHouse Logistics  and 3PL technology provider Cargo Chief yesterday announced a partnership that could see a nationwide network of more than 500,000 carriers reducing the number of empty runs on North American highways.

“I am unaware of anyone using ELD to make these smart matches. We are excited about pioneering this approach that benefits drivers, carriers our economy and our ecology,” Russell Jones, Cargo Chief’s CEO, tells FreightWaves.

Cargo Chief helps 3PLs digitally match freight loads for their shipper customers to hidden capacity found within that 3PL’s carrier network. The process is open and transparent. They also implement multi-patented technologies, and use artificial intelligence to match available capacity in real time. You can even see who has accepted and declined.

Cargo Chief’s C4 platform then provides visibility within the carrier network to find current—and future—capacity available for a load, and then provides options for booking the load on the spot. Cargo Chief also offers a network of thousands of integrated carriers, providing consistent shipping options.

When a load is booked through C4, Cargo Chief’s Booking Assistant automatically validates a carriers’ insurance and safety rating with its patented Cargo Safe technology. And, once the load is out on the road, Cargo Locate provides load visibility with real-time, 24/7 on-map location tracking. 

“Every year, American trucks travel at less than market rates or even empty for nearly half of their billion miles on our highways wasting fuel, time, labor and causing needless pollution,” says Jones. “By partnering with GateHouse Logistics, we can integrate its ghTrack technology into our data streams and provide brokers and transport companies with information in real time about trucks in specific areas that are intelligently paired with available loads to keep trucks rolling at reasonable rates.”

“Cargo Chief has been generating many good things with the launch of C4 and our Booking Assistant,” says Jones, but the latest is the ghTrack integration. ghTrack is fully integrable as data-as-a-service, and will enable highly accurate and ubiquitous tracking of all client truckload shipments.

“This partnership confirms the widespread applications of ghTrack technology in the logistics industry. Smart factories and their extended, just-in-sequence logistics are just a few examples and better capacity planning is yet another,” adds Jesper Bennike, CEO of GateHouse Logistics.

ghTrack is a completely neutral and independent cloud-based data sharing service leading the way that business-critical data is securely shared across the entire supply chain. It is also the foundation for emerging smart industries including IoT developments. The technology aggregates position and sensor data from all modes of transportation and presents them as one unified and logical data stream for simple integration into any business system.

While there are plenty of telematics providers, TMS systems, and well-funded brokerages, there would seem to be very few companies taking ELD information and proactively using it in positive ways. As Jones says, “The key is that GateHouse and Cargo Chief are taking the forced ELD mandate and making this a positive for carriers as now this data can lead to them receiving AI matched, intelligently-matched load offers, that enable drivers to spend more time at home, the carriers to have greater revenue and margins, and our society to have less waste.”

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