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US Xpress showcases driver simulator at 2019 LINK Conference


US Xpress (NYSE: USX) showcased its competency-aligned driver simulator program at the 2019 LINK supply chain conference in Orlando. The simulator is being introduced as part of US Xpress’ Driver Development Program to help US Xpress drivers learn and develop skills over their careers.

While other driving simulators are more standardized, US Xpress has customized its driving simulator to reflect conditions on the road. It will enable the company to develop driver skills at an individual pace through hands-on experience, instead of extended lectures.

“We looked at over 200 key competencies to customize the simulator for the driver development program,” said Remy Quimper, vice president of business development of Virage Simulation. Quimper was present at the LINK conference to demonstrate the simulator technology.

Virage Simulation, based in Montreal, is a designer of car and truck driving simulators for driver training, evaluation and research activities. US Xpress developed its driver simulator in collaboration with Virage.

FreightWaves staff attending the LINK conference had the opportunity to take part in the driver simulator at US Xpress’ exhibition booth. The simulator was designed to create an immersive and realistic experience for drivers learning throughout their careers. The simulator was challenging, but promised skill improvement through multiple courses.

“The simulator and the professional development program are small pieces of our transformation from an entrepreneurial company to a data-driven company,” said Justin Harness, chief marketing officer of US Xpress.

Harness was present at the US Xpress conference booth with Quimper to demonstrate the driver simulator and explain other company business developments. He said that the LINK Conference allows US Xpress to build its current relationships with retail customers and gain new customers in the market.

“It’s [the LINK Conference] a fantastic opportunity to engage with our clientbase,” said Harness. “Retail is a good segment for us.”