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Free webinar: Freight flow and the economy

Arrive Logistics has partnered with freight analyst and economist Donald Broughton to teach shippers how to take advantage of freight flow trends to benefit their business. Broughton will speak during a free webinar on Thursday, October 25, at 2 PM ET, for 45 minutes, with Q&A to follow. To register for the webinar, click here.

Broughton will discuss the following topics: how freight flows provide insights to all segments of the economy; why freight trends are a great predictor of economic trends; what elements of your day-to-day job are used to measure the economy; how the media impacts our views on the state of our economy and your business decisions.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Donald Broughton for our fourth webinar of 2018,” said Matt Pyatt, CEO of Arrive Logistics. “He is an extremely knowledgeable freight analyst and very compelling speaker. I have personally heard him speak numerous times and it has always been excellent.”

If you watch CNBC, you have likely seen Broughton talking about FedEx’s technology investments, UPS’ union troubles, and retail trends driven by Amazon and e-commerce. But in the logistics industry itself, Broughton’s reputation is based on his creation of proprietary transportation metrics that predict macroeconomic trends. Specifically, Broughton has demonstrated how flatbed spot prices lead U.S. industrial output and construction activity and has a compelling explanation for the relationship between spot and contract rates across equipment types.

Broughton concentrated on the shipper side of the equation in a recent article.

“The professional retail buyers (large and small) and the container volume that results from their buying decisions are predicting a strong holiday shopping season,” Broughton wrote. In the fourth quarter, it is imperative that retailers get their products in front of consumers in a timely manner, but they risk exposure to runaway transportation costs. Getting product to market and protecting margins at the same time requires close collaboration between shippers, brokers, and carriers based on a shared understanding of the freight market, and Broughton is an expert at weaving all of those threads together.

“This webinar is more than just a look into the trends and economy behind freight flow,” said Pyatt. “The goal is for our shipper and carrier partners to walk away empowered and able to leverage the knowledge they gain to help manage their businesses.”

Shippers who want to be leaders, not laggards, when it comes to supply chain management, network design, and purchasing transportation will enjoy listening to Broughton’s compelling presentation—he has a knack for translating complicated economic concepts into easily digestible takeaways. The goal is that every listener will leave the webinar with an actionable piece of business intelligence that will materially improve the decisions they make.

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