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Trimble requests extension to FMCSA repair mandate

The request comes as the company struggles to update PeopleNet devices that malfunctioned over the New Year.

Logistics company Trimble Transportation (NASDAQ: TRMB) has requested an extension to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA’s) eight-day electronic logging device (ELD) repair requirement, as the company struggles to update devices that malfunctioned when 2020 arrived.

“Driver connectivity is our top priority, and we recognize the impact that this issue has caused to our customers and their drivers,” Trimble spokesperson Lea Ann McNabb told FreightWaves in an email.

On Jan. 1, drivers and carriers started reporting widespread problems with PeopleNet ELDs. (PeopleNet is a Trimble company.) Among the complaints were a higher-than-usual number of outages, along with sluggish login times and other system malfunctions.

The problems were eventually traced to the new calendar year, which caused a disconnect between the systems’ GPS and server clocks. The clocks did not sync, putting the devices into a continuous reboot.

The FMCSA’s ELD mandate requires a motor carrier to repair or replace a malfunctioning device “within eight days of discovery of the condition or a driver’s notification to the carrier, whichever occurs first,” according to the agency’s website.

A motor carrier may file an ELD malfunction extension request via email, to include the date  and location of each ELD malfunction and “a concise statement describing actions taken by the motor carrier to make a good faith effort to repair, replace, or service the ELD units.”

McNabb said Timble’s request for an extension is to “ensure that customers have the flexibility to update devices in a way that best fits their operational needs.” The extension would also allow drivers to continue using paper logs while the fixes are underway.

The company “continues to work closely” with customers to implement software updates that restore connectivity, McNabb said, and is “committed to updating the remaining impacted g3 devices in a timely and complete manner.”

The FMCSA did not immediately respond to FreightWaves’ request for comment.


  1. Stacy Sprouse

    I hope they come up with 5000 more stubid shit in the industry cause that what it’s going to take for driver and company to say enough is already to fu*king much . And now we are all done tell the federal government gets the hell out of the industry and takes 90% of you bull shit with you

  2. Mike

    i wish drivers could all pull together and make our companies pay us by the Hour. time and a half after 40. then all these rule changes are literally laughable. drivers would finally get there money!

  3. Noble1



    Speaking of which ,

    ”  In 1912, trucks were equipped with electric running lights to allow them to be driven at night and make up travel time that was previously spent sleeping until the morning light.”


    Lean to the left , lean to the left !

    You leaned to the right and you got duped and were wronged ! Lean to the left and you’ll be right !

    How the past resembles the present .

    Quote :
    “Between 1909 and 1913, several conditions favored passage of the Sixteenth Amendment. Inflation was high and many blamed federal tariffs for the rising prices.

    The Republican Party was divided and weakened by the loss of Roosevelt and the Insurgents who joined the Progressive Party, a problem that blunted opposition even in the Northeast.

    In 1912, the Democrats won the presidency and control of both houses of Congress.

    The country was generally in a left-leaning mood, with the Socialist Party winning a seat in the House in 1910 and polling six percent of the popular presidential vote in 1912.


    ”  In 1912, trucks were equipped with electric running lights to allow them to be driven at night and make up travel time that was previously spent sleeping until the morning light.”

    LEAN LEFT ! ADVOCATE FOR the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act RATIFICATION !


    “the Democrats won the presidency and control of both houses of Congress.” AND WIN THEY MUST AGAIN !

    Quote August 2019
    “Truckers voted for Trump in droves. Now they say his trade war is ‘killing’ their ability to make a living.”

    Quote June 2019
    “Trump promised to put ‘American truckers first.’ Drivers say he hasn’t delivered.”

    IT WAS ALL PROPAGANDA ! Then he fed the 1% through tax incentives which further increased CEO INCOME & INEQUALITY ,

    When YOU think TRUMP , THINK ELD MANDATE ! That’s what truckers got while TRUMP was in office !

    ARE YOU GOING TO VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN ? He’s entertaining ,but he’s no good for your wallet !


    Don’t be fooled by these republicans again ! LEAN LEFT ! LEAN LEFT !!!


    In my humble opinion …………

    1. 1trucktrucker

      Trucking is still great, not many jobs available that allow so many to see the world at the expense of others, President Trump, is by no means the best president, but, he is the best business man for the financial problems that exist in our government. Truckers got what the leaning left Obama campaign promised them, MAP 21, it became law under the leaning left nay sayers, tho, only a few pages of over 1400 pages were even looked at or read. President Trump, our current and active President has yet to make good on deregulation towards truckers, but, considering all the bs left behind from the previous president, and as Obama said, “I’ll need another 8 years to straighten out all the problems from the last presidential campaign, and during his next 4 years, not much, if any was resolved. The financial burden lays with each company to comply to a mandate. No more than one extension should be granted, if many trucking companies fail because of a mandate, then let it be so, follow the law, then sue the hell out of all companies involved in the failure, including the government. Do know this ol’ Noble one, if you keep on leaning, you Will fall over. Balance is achieved only by understanding both political parties.

      1. Noble1

        It’s all in good humour .

        I leaned so far to the left that I ended up back on the right . So rather than leaning , I began leading .

        Leading to create a societal shift . Our collective power can influence social change .


        “Social change involves alteration of the social order of a society. It may include changes in social institutions, social behaviours or social relations. ”

        “Positive social change results in the improvement of human and social conditions and in the betterment of society. Such change can occur at many levels, including individuals, families, communities, organizations, and governments. Positive social change is driven by ideas and actions with real-world implications”

        End quote .

        I believe it’s grand time for a “social change” in this industry . This change must commence within “our” social group , hence , with truck drivers in regards to our social relations .

        We much change the way we interact with one another . We must embrace unity . Once united we can collectively act in a way that will bring about a major social change which will lead to a significant alteration in this industry . A profound revolution on our evolutionary journey .

        We don’t need all truck drivers to share this conceptual ideal , just enough .

        So let it be written, so let it be done.

        In my humble opinion …………

  4. James

    Funny how an ink pen and a book that seems to be obsolete in today’s society are more reliable than the high tech solutions that people put so much faith in.

    But then again it seems like all this technology, aka ELDs are contributing to an uptick in accidents.

  5. Norman

    It’s more of the same bs. Companies thriving off of the rules and regulations and devices that they support and or sell. But it’s always the same bs…the shit don’t work and they expect exceptions and considerations and understanding that the driver would never in a million years get. They had a long time to get it right and couldn’t. I believe a class action suit is in order to stop this bullshit.

  6. Jerald Hite

    The FMCSA is more dangerous than any paper log. They have added more stress to a job that is already over regulated. This system was bad enough until the full switch to the eld system now it’s even worse. With that being said the over reach of the government is nothing new.

  7. Noble1

    What is absolutely absurd in this case is that since regulators decided that paper logs aren’t “safe” due to being unreliable , they mandated ELD’s !

    Now since ELD’s aren’t reliable like in this case due to an interruption , they grant you the right to go back to an unreliable and insecure paper log , LOL !

    Now how do you define the irony concerning their so called “safety” rubbish(absurd, nonsensical, or worthless talk or ideas.) ?

    Clearly , the decisions the FMCSA makes aren’t “safe” one’s . The FMCSA endangers truck drivers and the public .

    In my humble opinion ………….

    1. Peter stodgel

      Yes safety definitely has went out the door I catch myself all the time driving to the elog clock not focusing on the road or surroundings

    2. Bob D Harms

      This is your government governing to make us all safe stop whining get to work and vote out every wide eyed tight cheeked narrow minded politician that never got their hands dirty working, but keep them “clean in your pockets”…let everyone use their brain and vote to deregulate every union supported money grabbing politician. AMEN

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