Truckload Carriers Association and FreightWaves announce partnership to tell the story of truckload in transportation


The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with FreightWaves, an agreement that links the editorial and data science team at FreightWaves with the TCA Profitability Program (TPP) 20 Index data and the growing Best Practice Groups. The partnership’s first initiative—Truckload Indexes—is a unique microsite that will track the pulse of the truckload market. It will provide the public with a snapshot of the stories, data, personalities, opportunities and challenges facing this segment, which many refer to as the “Main Street of Trucking.”

Through an exclusive partnership with Truckload Carriers Association and FreightWaves, Truckload Indexes provide near-time benchmarking of major operational and financial KPIs from best-in-class truckload carriers. This exclusive set of data points enable carriers of all sizes to compare how different data points impact the overall profitability and operating efficiency of truckload carriers. In addition to index data, also provides commentary from FreightWaves editorial and industry analysts that help readers and users interpret the data and drive toward operational excellence.

Users of FreightWaves’ SONAR platform—an intuitive dashboard tool that offers a unique aggregation of multiple, highly disparate freight market data points—will now be able to plot the results from the TPP 20 Index, a subset of aggregated, anonymous, standardized key performance indicators (KPIs) from the top 20 performing trucking companies within TPP. SONAR users will now be able to correlate all current economic and other disparate data sets with the results from these exclusive financial and operational performance indicators.

These data sets will enable carriers of all sizes to benchmark their internal performance metrics against best-in-class operators. This type of data has never been available to the public and represents the most powerful set of indices in the entire trucking industry.

Members of the TCA Profitability Program will benefit significantly from the partnership through the creation of the monthly TPP Member Playbook. This report, only available to TPP members, will combine near-real-time data from TPP and SONAR with market-specific commentary.

FreightWaves spoke with Chris Henry, TCA’s Program Manager for TPP, who explained the genesis of the collaboration. “FreightWaves came on our radar early on, mainly due to the fact that they were commenting on things that other publications didn’t have the resources to do, providing free, valuable insights for those in the trucking community.”

“We’ve always wanted to do something more with the data that we have. I think this partnership is mutually beneficial. We want to provide more and more value for our best practice groups, providing them with exclusive content that they can’t get anywhere else, and we think this partnership is just the beginning of that,” Henry concluded.

“FreightWaves has changed the transportation game permanently. TCA recognized that their efforts to drive change and elevate the technological and operational sophistication of carriers and partners was very much in line with TCA’s pursuits. This partnership was an easy decision for our association. Partnering with FreightWaves will elevate member performance by effectively telling the truckload story, as well as highlighting our growing advocacy efforts,” stated John Lyboldt, TCA’s President.

“TCA—and specifically the TCA Profitability Program—are the curators of one of the most unique data sets in trucking today. The TPP Index combines credible monthly general ledger data with standardized operational results from the top-performing companies in the truckload space. Instead of waiting for annual survey results to be published six months later, TPP members and SONAR users are able to take a near-real-time pulse of this massive market segment,” said Craig Fuller, CEO and Managing Director of FreightWaves. “Further, we are excited to utilize our growing data science team to add value to the TPP data and actionable commentary from our award-winning editorial team. This is only the beginning.”

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