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WTT?!? weekend wrap: AB5 update, Lime scales back, mad insurance rates, pricing power, more [with video]

Happy top of the weekend! Thanks for making us a part of the backhaul of your week, and boy do we have some news for you.

First, we hit the headlines: Applying the restrictions of AB5 in California to the trucking industry runs afoul of federal law, according to a court case just handed down. Red Arts Capital announced that it has partnered with Prudential Capital Partners and Brightwood Capital Advisors to acquire MME Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries Midwest Motor Express Inc. and Midnite Express Inc. E-scooter company Lime announced it is shutting down its services across 12 markets and laying off 14% of its workforce in an attempt to turn profitable this year. Does this impact a city near you?

Then, we speak with Cassandra “Mad” Gaines about major accidents and the rise of insurance rates. She gives us direct insight and analysis into the case of Mathew Lewis Small, 34, of Grandville, Michigan, who faces three counts of reckless homicide. Small said he had looked away to put down a coffee mug when he struck the other vehicles in slowing traffic on Interstate 65 near the Zionsville exit. “Mad” Gaines says there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

We discuss the DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index with FreightWaves research analyst, Andrew Cox. The FreightWaves transportation stock indices were predominantly positive this week. Cox tells us why we track transportation stocks and why are they important.

FreightWaves Market Expert, Donny Gilbert takes on Chad in another round of Earnings Over/Under. Then, Dooner and Chad play Good News Bad News–and there’s plenty to go round. Finally, we hear from our readers with an especially intense Comment Section Rodeo.

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  1. Doc

    Lime stocked 4 scooters near my home in Edmonton AB when they first went live. By the end of the day, 2 were damaged. They took them away and they never came back. It was fun to race around on them in our residential area, but downtown they were a hazard with riders first deciding they could ride on the sidewalk then scooting out into traffic with no regard to cars or safety. The loss of Lime has not impacted my life.

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