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Yellow drivers speak out; UPS backup plans; beating cancer and a down market – WTT

On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking to Jay and Dwayne, a pair of Yellow drivers about what’s going down at the company. At the 11th hour on Sunday, the company was spared a strike but the clock is ticking on further action from the Teamsters union. With shippers pulling freight left and right, can Yellow pull itself out of this death spiral?

Yellow isn’t the only company on the clock. With a UPS strike looming over Aug. 1, shippers are being urged to come up with contingency plans. Luke Denny, co-founder and CEO at Frayt, tells us how you can keep your freight from getting lost amid disruptions at either carrier.

John Seidl, vice president of risk services at Reliance Partners, educates us on FMCSA rating scores and how to deal with them. 

Cancer couldn’t take down Dan Deigan and neither can a bad market. We’ll find out from this owner of High Performance Logistics Sales how to overcome a bad market no matter the odds.

Plus, bragging double brokers, swimming with sharks and Yellow alternatives for drivers. 

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  1. Yellow has no business ethics!

    That newbie, scab Union driver does not know what hes talking about. Every terminal has guys like this. He’s probably a snitch too.
    Yellow freight does not match any 401K. The non matching 401K’s are offered by the Teamsters thru Prudential. All of the ‘ole Teamsters thought they were getting a pension and did need a 401K b4 getting blindsided by Yellow. They were already 20 years into their job when they realized their pension was going to be substancially reduced. 401K’s need time to grow.Yellow Freight has fifty-nine Vice Presidents. Count them, I did. They want One Yellow, put your $ where your mouth is and consolidate your VP’s that are on all of your freight segments. In addition to the past 15% paycut, 1 week vacation giveback and a mere 25% pension contribution, (for over a decade) the daily stress they’ve levied on the members is considerable. Also, note, most nonCDL dockworkers WILL be losing their jobs on this change of operations!!! This newbie that was interviewed truly doesn’t speak for 90% of my union brothers and sisters! One last note, remember, Yellow members are BY FAR the lowest paid professionals in the freight industry. The sneaky media leak that Yellow did not elaborate on was that the offered $11 raise over the next 5 years had part of that raise going to Health and Welfare and their pitiful 25% pension cintribution. NOT much of a monetary raise for the lowest paid professionals in the business. Yellow has zero business ethics towards their investors, their customers or their employees. No heart, no soul, no honor!

  2. B

    If you’re and employee at yellow and can’t see the writing on the wall. You will get what you get. You chose to be in an union rather than taking your future in your own hands and now you’re crying the blues. To bad. Get out while you can. Plenty of other driving jobs out there. Unions are obsolete in a free market.

  3. D.S.

    Stop putting those scabs on your show(the young guy in the blue shirt).They are a big part of the problem here at Yellow now,when he says he’s not with “them” he proved it.The idiot keeps saying “they voted for that”,voted for what?,for Yellow NOT to pay our insurance(per contract),no we didn’t ( I guess he doesn’t mind the idea of paying the almost $500 a week it will cost him to pay his own).That’s ALLthis work stoppage was about.We can’t/won’t work without insurance. That would be stupid.This CEO Hawkins has taken it upon himself to decide that Yellow would take a deferral from paying it even after being denied from the Central States Funds.The reason it was denied was that when Yellow was granted one a few years back,they refused to pay it back as agreed upon and the Teamsters had to step up and pay it back.Would YOU let some defer a $50 million payment to you after they had already default on another payment recently?I think not. Yellow has proven time and again that they can’t be trusted,to that fund AND to the Teamsters.This kind of crap happens around EVERY contract period and Yellow can/will recover from it IF THEY CHOOSE TO.What you are seeing IS corporate greed and bullying at its finest,something that MOST corporations are doing to their work force these days.Did we “vote for” Yellow to cut our pensions,certainly NOT,they just decided that they were either gonna get that concession several years ago with the rest of them or threaten us with closing the doors back then.We are DONE bowing down to corporate bullying,we don’t want to see the younger class of drivers have to go through what we’ve been through for more than a decade now with the deception from Yellow.That SCAB doesn’t even understand the concept of brotherhood and what it represents obviously.Its TIME for this multi million/billion dollar corporation to put up or shut up.None of us want to lose what we’ve worked so hard for over the last several decades (29 years for me) but if you slap a man enough and you just keep on slapping him one day he’s gonna slap you back…That day has come for the Teamsters at Yellow.

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