Reader Favorites (Top 10)


Here are the top 10 articles on FreightWaves based on user clicks.... 

We created FreightWaves to give commentary on emerging issues in the freight landscape, but we thought we would have a small, dedicated group of readers. We never imagined how much of an impact we would have on the broader market. In less than six months since we launched, it has become the #8 most popular site in logistics and trucking, globally. We really appreciate the dedicated readers that support our cause and give us ideas and concepts to focus on. We track metrics on every single article and thought it would be useful to list off our top hits, in terms of traffic counts.  

Please come back. We will keep updating the list as our site grows and gains traffic.

1. Mother of all truckload capacity shortages coming

2. Platooning saves fuel

3. Is Warren Buffett making the right bet on trucking

4. Truckload Rate Increases will feel like a rocketship

5. What to expect with FEMA

6. ELD rule set to be enforced on Dec. 18

7. Understanding trucking's unicorn

8. HEB rolls out disaster relief convoy

9. FMCSA suspends regulations for Harvey relief

10. Amazon's sweetheart deal with USPS