Retail Employment Statistics

What is it? 
The retail industry employment statistics are monthly employment data based on surveys conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that provides employment levels in the various retail segments. The top level category is Retail Trade Employment (REEN/REES) which includes employment levels from the subcategories: 

MVEN/S - Motor vehicle and parts dealers

HFEN/S - Furniture and home furnishings stores

EAEN/S - Electronics and appliance stores

GDEN/S - Building materials and garden supply stores

FBEN/S - Food and beverage stores

HCEN/S - Health and personal care stores

GSEN/S - Gasoline stations

CSEN/S - Clothing and clothing accessories

SGEN/S - Sporting Goods, hobby, book, and music stores

GMEN/S - General merchandise stores

NOEN/S - Non-store retailers

The numbers represent an estimation of actual employed individuals in the sector in thousands. As with the other employment level tickers the 4th letter indicates whether the number is not seasonally adjusted (N) or seasonally adjusted (S). 

Who is interested?
Industry analysts, economists, company executives, human resources departments

What does it tell me?
The employment numbers will tell you the general health and direction of the sector's economic well being. Increasing employment numbers indicate an expanding need for workers, which means the sector has the funds available to increase employment levels. Comparing them against each other provides a deeper understanding of the economic direction of the country.