The Tesla Semi in pictures
Tesla unveiled its much-anticipated Semi on Nov. 16 to plenty of fanfare with over 1,200 guests at
Today’s Pickup: Amazon offers truck drivers new app
means more robots.(Fleet Owner) Final Thoughts Tesla finally unveiled its electric Semi truck last
Tesla’s bet on electric trucks
. Elon Musk says a Tesla Semi will be unveiled in September Since last summer, Elon Musk has been . On Thursday, Musk twitted that the truck will be unveiled in September. “Tesla Semi truck unveil set
Elon Musk releases image of possible Tesla Semi
(@JMBooyah) April 28, 2017 Officially, the Tesla Semi is expected to be unveiled in September. Little is
Today's Pickup: Musk says 100K Tesla Semis by 2022
Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Semi in Hawthorne, CA, last year. Good day, During Tesla’s Q4 earnings
Today’s Pickup: Spot rates show no sign of slowing
weekend Tesla unveiled the pricing for its Semi, and at a base price of $150,000 for 300 miles, it
With a 500-mile range, Tesla Semi arrives with great promise
of range in 30 minutes. Elon Musk’s electric truck offers far more than anticipated Tesla unveiled its Class 8 “Semi” at
Tesla Semi's huge power needs might face surge pricing
Hot weather could increase cost of electricity by 4x In November, Tesla unveiled its long-awaited Semi truck
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