The Tesla Semi in pictures
Tesla unveiled its much-anticipated Semi on Nov. 16 to plenty of fanfare with over 1,200 guests at
Nikola Motor claims Tesla infringed its truck patents, seeks $2B in damages
Semi on Nov. 16, 2017, at an official event in California. The suit lists the three Tesla’s Semi will infringe on the patents, and demanded that Tesla refrain from unveiling its Semi. Tesla unveiled the Trevor Milton, CEO of Nikola, said in a release at the time. Tesla unveiled its Semi late in 2017
Tesla may be abandoning Semi project: Analyst
John Engle is suggesting that the much-anticipated Tesla Semi project may be dead. The Tesla Semi was unveiled in
Today’s Pickup: Amazon offers truck drivers new app
means more robots.(Fleet Owner) Final Thoughts Tesla finally unveiled its electric Semi truck last
Tesla’s bet on electric trucks
. Elon Musk says a Tesla Semi will be unveiled in September Since last summer, Elon Musk has been . On Thursday, Musk twitted that the truck will be unveiled in September. “Tesla Semi truck unveil set
Elon Musk releases image of possible Tesla Semi
(@JMBooyah) April 28, 2017 Officially, the Tesla Semi is expected to be unveiled in September. Little is
Today's Pickup: Musk says 100K Tesla Semis by 2022
Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Semi in Hawthorne, CA, last year. Good day, During Tesla’s Q4 earnings
Today’s Pickup: Spot rates show no sign of slowing
weekend Tesla unveiled the pricing for its Semi, and at a base price of $150,000 for 300 miles, it
With a 500-mile range, Tesla Semi arrives with great promise
of range in 30 minutes. Elon Musk’s electric truck offers far more than anticipated Tesla unveiled its Class 8 “Semi” at
Tesla Semi's huge power needs might face surge pricing
Hot weather could increase cost of electricity by 4x In November, Tesla unveiled its long-awaited Semi truck
From Freight 2025: "The Four Biggest Freight Transportation Trends To Watch For"
autonomous vehicle boom. Tesla has already unveiled their electric semi-truck, which has a range of
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