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FreightWaves SONAR is a powerful platform that brings together millions of disparate freight market data points with a robust analytics toolset and the market intelligence of the FreightWaves team — all through one intuitive dashboard.

This unique marriage of big data, technology and deep tribal knowledge gives users an unprecedented view of what’s happening in and around the freight markets. SONAR delivers the most comprehensive view of the freight markets, in the fastest way available in the industry today.

The platform boasts more than 120,000 daily data points, with deep analytics around the entire global freight market, including trucking, rail, intermodal, maritime container, air cargo, and warehouse data, as well as thousands of data series that cover economics, census, and commodities.

Data sets are presented through an intuitive dashboard that allows users to customize and analyze their own view of the freight markets through maps, charts, watchlists, tree maps, flash media content and news.

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Big Data — Fast

The SONAR platform ingests and aggregates data from hundreds of disparate sources including key economic, fundamental, proprietary, transactional and pricing data-sets. The data presented is near-time with visibility in < 24 hours on most data sets making it the fastest freight market data available. No other platform in the industry sources, aggregates and presents data with this level of visibility and speed.

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The freight industry is volatile and rapidly shifting. With unrivaled analytics and insights, using SONAR’s powerful tools in combination with the industry’s fastest freight data, you’ll have a distinct edge in the market — no matter what industry segment you serve. Discover how you can benefit from SONAR.

Tools and Resources

Looking for more tools and information to help navigate and get the most out of SONAR? We have a host of resources just a click away, from featured articles and daily videos, to weekly webinars and a dedicated team of Market Experts.

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