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The Power of Data

The right kind of data can reveal all. Data within SONAR is uniquely sourced from hundreds of different industry participants, including proprietary, private, association and government entities. We source and present our data at speeds that eclipse traditional freight market visibility — by days and even weeks. The data is then categorized and presented into proprietary, time-series based market indices with varying levels of granularity for ease-of-use and analysis. Through SONAR’s unique combination of data, analytics and market expertise, users are given unprecedented insight and understanding into what is happening in the freight markets right now, and forward looking into weeks and months ahead.

Some of SONAR’s exclusively sourced data providers include the Truckload Carrier Association (TCA) for benchmarking indices for asset based truckload carriers, DAT for daily van freight rate indices, and ACT Research for commercial vehicle truck and trailer industry data. Uniquely sourced weather tracking is integrated into SONAR’s map tool to show real-time weather movement across the nation.

Specific details about all of our Market Index Categories highlighted below can be found within the SONAR Knowledge Center.

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SONAR’s Market Index Categories

SONAR Index Quick Reference Guide

Our exclusive market Indices provide users with a wealth of knowledge and insight. Our index quick reference guide will show you at-a-glance the data sets and indices that are right for your needs.

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