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Timing is everything--and with SONAR, you’ll have access to proprietary market and price discovery rate data days before the competition. The dashboard is completely customizable and interactive, so you have the freight data you need right at your fingertips. Also within arm’s reach? Our Market Experts who specialize in anything from telematics to macroeconomic trends and everything impacting the freight market in between.

SONAR’s data is different--we provide a wider understanding of the market based on operational behaviors and put it all in one place. Give yourself near-time visibility into freight market volatility with FreightWaves SONAR.

We deliver a faster view of freight market data than anybody else in the industry - by several days and even weeks.

Through our unique combination of data, analytic tools and news, you’re given unprecedented insight and understanding into what is happening in the freight markets right now, in the near near term and forward looking into weeks and months ahead.

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