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Transparency19 Sessions



Opening Welcome




Keynote WavesSide Chat: Gary Vaynerchuk

Keynote with Brad Stone

Keynote WavesSide Chat: Shelley Simpson

Keynote WavesSide Chat: Andrew Clarke



Power Talks

Power Talk 1: Quantum Leap Into the Future of Freight

PowerTalk 2: Scott Shechtman, Nasdaq

PowerTalk 3: Sandeep Kar, Chief Strategy Officer, Fleet Complete

PowerTalk 4: Getting Below Zero Sustainability

Power Talk 5: Building the Future of Freight: What’s Coming Soon and What’s Cloudy

PowerTalk 6: Data Convergence and Safety Considerations



Panels & Presentations

High Growth CEO Panel

AV on the Level

CEO M&A Panel

The New South with Michael Randle

The Female Factor: How Can It Help Reshape The Industry?

Trucking Freight Futures

Multi-Modal CNBC-Style Panel

The Great Debate: Is the Sky Falling?

Shipper of Choice Award



Sector Talks

Sector Talk 1: Intermodal and Maritime Freight Matching

Sector Talk 2: IMO2020

Sector Talk 3: Investors & VCs

Sector Talk 4: Disaster Relief Logistics

Sector Talk 5: Hope is Not a Strategy. Data Benchmarking to Improve Profitability

Sector Talk 6: The Bull, The Bear, and The Other Guy

Sector Talk 7: Consumer Tech Trends Impacting Transportation

Sector Talk 8: Impact of Emerging Technology on Freight Visibility

Sector Talk 9: Headwinds Created by FreightTech

Sector Talk 10: Digital Brokers – Who is Winning?