Trucks in Market

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Type: Index

Qualifiers it works with: USA and multiple regional markets. See SONAR index definitions for a full list of available market codes.

What is it? 
TRUK is a measurement of the daily amount of trucks in a market in relation to the average number of trucks for the previous 2 weeks on that specific day of the week. It is expressed as a percentage of the average. I.e. The average number of trucks in the Atlanta market over the last 2 Wednesdays was 100, and this past Wednesday had 105 trucks in the market. The TRUK.ATL will show 105%.

Who is interested?
Anyone that is concerned with freight-flows and capacity: shippers, brokers, sales in trucking companies, fleet managers, etc.

What does it tell me?
TRUK is an indicator of general truck movement in the country. It will show you the ebbs and flows of freight flows as trucks enter and exit markets making it significantly useful in finding where demand for capacity is surging and supply may be limited.