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November Market Update: What the Data Is Telling Us About the Freight Market

Are you interested in learning about the market outlook and economic drivers of the freight industry in the coming months and years? This webinar will discuss the current factors impacting the freight market and how they may affect you.

Understanding, analyzing and forecasting freight market trends based on comprehensive data and insights is our business. We want to share this knowledge with industry participants that have the same need and desire to understand where the market is headed and what the key drivers are.

This monthly Market Update webinar series—sponsored by Convoy—delivers insightful, forward-looking market perspectives from industry leaders via a 60-minute presentation and attendee Q&A.

Featured speakers for November will include FreightWaves' Founder and CEO, Craig Fuller, and Ibrahiim Bayaan, Chief Economist. Topics covered will include:

• Recent performance in freight demand and capacity
• Trade policy update and upcoming risks
• 2019 economic outlook
• Regional trends