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Smart Trailer Is the Future: The Future Is Now

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You're invited to a first-look webinar demo of the new breakthrough IntelliScan® technology.

If you’ve been frustrated by the notoriously fallible cargo sensors of the past, then you know we have long been overdue for the cargo sensor of the future.

Now it’s here—and you can see it live.

Spireon’s IntelliScan® advanced detection technology leverages a proprietary combination of optical imaging and laser time of flight technologies to deliver unprecedented accuracy for loaded/unloaded, and soft cargo/extreme environment cargo sensing.

In this free demo webinar, you can see exactly how it will work for you. See how our advanced method of capture leverages a proprietary combination of:

• Optical imaging

• Laser time of flight technologies

This unique combination allows IntelliScan to deliver unprecedented accuracy for:

• Loaded/unloaded cargo

• Soft cargo/extreme environment cargo detection

Don’t miss this first look at the cargo sensor of the future.