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May - 2022 -
17 May

The ‘ingenious strategy’ behind most truckers’ least favorite week of the year: International Roadcheck

Inspection blitzes frustrate truck drivers. But economists found that the International Roadcheck Week boosts overall road safety.

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12 May

Why the Northeast is quietly running out of diesel

Diesel inventories on the East Coast are at record lows. Truckers are spooked by the vanishing stocks and soaring rates.

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Dec - 2021 -
13 December

Exclusive: Central Freight Lines to shut down after 96 years

A source familiar with the 96-year-old company said he is unsure whether CFL will file Chapter 7 or “liquidate outside of bankruptcy,” but that the LTL carrier has no plans to reorganize.

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Aug - 2021 -
12 August

Warehouse cramming is about to begin — Freightonomics

On this episode of Freightonomics, Zach Strickland and Anthony Smith talk about the need to cram for warehouse space with Zac Rogers from Colorado State University.

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Jun - 2021 -
27 June

Seasonality pushing rejections and rates higher ahead of the Fourth

This week’s DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index: 75 (Carriers) Last week’s DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index: 70 (Carriers)  Three-month DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index Outlook: 70 (Carriers) […]

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May - 2021 -
27 May

Project44 acquires ClearMetal to strengthen predictive tools

“Their team construct is fundamentally different. When you look at their data science, machine learning and computer science background, they are best in class.”

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Jan - 2023 -
28 January

California’s loss is Texas’ gain

Are supply chains already manifesting significant changes in domestic transportation patterns?

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Triumph’s open-loop system hits a milestone, even as payments’ EBITDA loss widens

Triumph Financial hit a significant milestone in the business it built from the acquisition of HubTran, but TriumphPay’s EBITDA worsened.

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27 January

STB response on UP service limited; agency won’t delay arbitration program

The Surface Transportation Board recently took action on Union Pacific’s use of embargoes in the Midwest and rejected the Class I railroads’ request to delay a program related to smaller rate disputes.

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Sanctions effect begins: Crude tankers forced onto longer voyages

Russian crude restrictions are having the predicted effect on tanker trades, soaking up more vessel capacity as sailing distance lengthens.

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Running on Ice: Florida makes headlines again

Your latest info on all things in the cold chain world

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Ex-trucking co-owner sentenced for bank fraud, facing livestock neglect charges

The former co-owner of an Iowa trucking company was sentenced Tuesday for orchestrating an elaborate $250,000 check kiting scheme. He is also facing unrelated charges in state court that he allowed more than 800 pigs to starve or freeze to death in his care in December 2021.

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Norfolk Southern’s industrial development investments valued at $3.2B

Norfolk Southern and partnering companies were involved in 159 industrial development projects in 2022 worth $3.2 billion.

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NASA’s sustainability takes flight; University of Arkansas supply chain students soar – WTT

On demand on WTT: NASA talks about their $425m Sustainable Flight Demonstrator project with Boeing; University of Arkansas talks higher education in supply chain

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5 takeaways: Fuller and Strickland review state of the freight market

A FreightWaves webinar featuring CEO Craig Fuller looked at the current state of the freight market.

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Revisiting 2004 vessel accidents that turned deadly

2004: The capsizing of two vessels rocks the project cargo industry.

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