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SONAR High-Frequency Supply Chain Data

Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
NTI.USANational Truckload Index 0 $2.29 $2.29
NTIL.USANTI (Linehaul Only) 0 $1.58 $1.58
NTIDL.USANTI (Linehaul Daily) 0.01 $1.62 $1.61
OTRI.USAOutbound Tender Rejection Index -0.01 3.62 3.65
OTVI.USAOutbound Tender Volume Index -0.01 11457.29 11522.37
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
MQFWSCTP.USASupply Chain Tech Index 0.01 $3610.92 $3561.08
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
IOTI.USAInbound Ocean TEU Index -0.06 1508.48 1606.16
IOSI.USAInbound Ocean Shipment Index -0.03 2299.6 2364.69
FBXD.GLBL -0.01 1171.7 1182.65
FBXD.CNAW -0.02 1660.65 1689.99
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
IMOTRI.LAXIntermodal Outbound LA Tender Rejection Rate 0.08 0.13% 0.12%
IMOTRI.CHIIntermodal Outbound CHI Tender Rejection Rate 0 0% 0%
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
DTS.USADiesel Truckstop Retail Aaverage 0 $4.581 $4.583
ULSDR.USAUltra-Low Sulphur Diesel Rack Price 0.01 $3.539 $3.491

Weekly NTI Update: September 26, 2022

FreightWaves Pricing Power Index

Under pressure

By next week, it is likely that actual freight flow will have finally risen on a yearly basis for the first time since May 2022.

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FreightWaves Pricing Power Index

Playing the waiting game

FreightWaves Pricing Power Index

Reading the tea leaves

FreightWaves Pricing Power Index

Markets clock out on Labor Day

SONAR Analyst Reports

Ocean carriers’ record rejections last-ditch effort to bolster spot rates

SONAR’s Container Atlas shows new booking volumes plummeting over 35% from their Aug. 1 peak, a key indicator that U.S. import demand is rapidly deteriorating. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Contract rate decline takes pause despite significant spot market discount

Transportation providers are going to have to maintain an aggressive posture when competing for business during the upcoming bid season.

Ocean carriers steadily losing pricing power in trans-Pacific

Ocean carriers are steadily losing pricing power on the trans-Pacific as China to U.S. demand peaks for the second half of 2023.

State of Freight Insights

Daily Infographic

The Cost Of Diesel

Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

Company Earnings

Chart of the Week

Chart of the Week

The truckload capacity bubble is bursting

FreightWaves latest SONAR data addition suggests a wave of truckload capacity exits is coming this winter.

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Carrier Cyber Security

6 things you’ll learn at NMFTA’s Digital Solutions Conference on Cybersecurity

The NMFTA’s Digital Solutions Conference on Cybersecurity attendees will hear from professionals on the leading edge of the cybersecurity industry, ranging from industry practitioners to representatives from government entities and thought leaders in academia.

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Net-Zero Carbon

Net-Zero Carbon Summit

Prologis looks to lead on commercial EV charging infrastructure

“One of the key requests that we hear from our customers is an ability to reduce charging times, and that requires both improvement of vehicle technology as well as charging technology,” Prologis’ Henrik Holland said at FreightWaves’ Net-Zero Carbon Summit.

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