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SONAR High-Frequency Supply Chain Data

Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
NTI.USANational Truckload Index 0 $2.24 $2.24
NTIL.USANTI (Linehaul Only) 0.01 $1.62 $1.61
NTIDL.USANTI (Linehaul Daily) -0.03 $1.59 $1.64
OTRI.USAOutbound Tender Rejection Index 0 3.22 3.23
OTVI.USAOutbound Tender Volume Index 0 10804.91 10820.81
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
MQFWSCTP.USASupply Chain Tech Index 0.01 $3439.37 $3392.65
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
IOTI.USAInbound Ocean TEU Index 0.01 119.82 119.01
IOSI.USAInbound Ocean Shipment Index 0.01 121.92 120.65
FBXD.GLBL 0 1393.42 1395.08
FBXD.CNAW -0.01 1295.53 1306.53
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
IMOTRI.LAXIntermodal Outbound LA Tender Rejection Rate 0 0.8% 0.8%
IMOTRI.CHIIntermodal Outbound CHI Tender Rejection Rate 0 0.32% 0.32%
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
DTS.USADiesel Truckstop Retail Aaverage 0 $4.029 $4.02
ULSDR.USAUltra-Low Sulphur Diesel Rack Price 0.01 $2.665 $2.651

Weekly NTI Update: September 26, 2022


Weekly Fuel Report: May 23, 2023

Your weekly fuel report has arrived!

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SONAR Analyst Reports

Reality of ocean container volume far cry from China reopening hype

It is becoming increasingly clear that hopes of a container boost from the reopening of China are all but gone.

2nd-half freight rebound increasingly unlikely

Further downside risks to the U.S. economy make the odds of a rebound in containerized import volumes unlikely.

Trucking demand visibility is far more important than supply

Many people get hung up on trying to figure out how much capacity is readily available in trucking when they should be more focused on monitoring demand trends.

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Companies’ drive for expanding margins threatens future freight demand

Companies are still trying to get their margins back to pre-pandemic levels with price increases on finished goods. This will continue to put freight demand at risk in the second half of the year.

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Fluent Cargo launches site for freight forwarding transparency

“We want [global shipping] to be self-explanatory, easy to navigate and easy for you to find the answer you are looking for,” says Maja Bernstein, vice president of industry relations at Fluent Cargo.

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Cargo containers scattered on the ramp next to a white passenger airliner with blue accents.

Net-Zero Carbon


California passes rule to drastically cut locomotives’ emissions

The California Air Resources Board has passed a regulation that compels freight and locomotive operators in California to adopt technologies to reduce locomotive emissions and phase out diesel locomotives.

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