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SONAR High-Frequency Supply Chain Data

Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
NTI.USANational Truckload Index 0 $2.54 $2.55
NTIL.USANTI (Linehaul Only) -0.01 $1.82 $1.83
NTIDL.USANTI (Linehaul Daily) 0.02 $1.82 $1.78
OTRI.USAOutbound Tender Rejection Index -0.02 3.76 3.83
OTVI.USAOutbound Tender Volume Index 0.01 10501.49 10394.05
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
MQFWSCTP.USASupply Chain Tech Index 0.02 $3334.24 $3271.99
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
IOTI.USAInbound Ocean TEU Index 0 95.5 95.08
IOSI.USAInbound Ocean Shipment Index -0.03 115.37 119.48
FBXD.GLBL 0 2211.37 2212.48
FBXD.CNAW 0 1324.3 1319.34
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
IMOTRI.LAXIntermodal Outbound LA Tender Rejection Rate -0.4 2.98% 4.97%
IMOTRI.CHIIntermodal Outbound CHI Tender Rejection Rate -1 0% 0.25%
Market Percent Change *Today’s Value Last value
DTS.USADiesel Truckstop Retail Aaverage 0.01 $4.701 $4.677
ULSDR.USAUltra-Low Sulphur Diesel Rack Price -0.03 $3.514 $3.634

SONAR Analyst Reports

For freight companies, this year’s peak will be weak

FreightWaves founder and CEO Craig Fuller provides insight into 2022’s peak season.

Truckload market loosens again as tender rejections touch new low

Contract rates still face downward pressure, especially for live/live loads.

Subseasonal trucking market still soft and loose

Less than 6% of all truckload shipments in the U.S. are currently being rejected.

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