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Letter Ride LLC, an Amazon delivery partner, cuts almost 900 jobs in Texas and California

More than 1,200 trucking and freight jobs have been eliminated across Texas since September 16

Letter Ride, a delivery service provider for Amazon, is cutting more than 400 employees in Texas. Image: Shutterstock

Letter Ride LLC, a delivery service provider for Amazon, is cutting 423 positions at facilities across Texas.

The company is eliminating jobs at its facilities in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston, according to recent documents provided by the Texas Workforce Commission. 

The layoffs are set to begin on December 4 in Dallas, and are expected to be completed at all other Texas operations by December 7. All affected employees were told of the layoffs earlier this month, according to letters sent to the state agency.

Letter Ride LLC is also laying off another 474 workers in California, according to a report from Business Insider.

Letter Ride was founded in 2016, according to business filings. The company’s principals are listed as Roman Lara in Chula Vista, California, and Edward Tweed in Conroe, Texas.

Tweed was contacted by FreightWaves, but declined to comment on the layoffs.

Delivery service providers (DSP) are third-party delivery companies that usually work exclusively for Amazon. Amazon allows DSPs to operate drivers’ wages, insurance, health benefits, and vehicle maintenance.

Letter Ride is the second Amazon-related company in Texas to recently announce job reductions. 

Inpax Final Mile Delivery announced it was cutting 228 jobs at Amazon facilities in the Dallas area on October 2. Atlanta-based Inpax is also cutting another 400 jobs across the country.

The layoffs at Letter Ride will affect the following employment sites in Texas:

Austin (91 employees)

Conroe (12 employees)

Farmers Branch (64 employees)

Fort Worth (71 employees)

Houston (185 employees)

Since September, there has been a wave of trucking layoffs across Texas, with more than 1,200 trucking or logistics jobs being eliminated. 

Stevens Tanker Division announced it was closing September 26, affecting 500 jobs. 

Rich Logistics, a division of Roadrunner Transportation, recently laid off 450 drivers across five locations, including 209 employees in Brownsville and Laredo, Texas.

Nestle is closing a frozen food distribution facility in Houston and laying off 51 workers beginning in November.

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  1. DT

    Amazon is taking on more FTL business themselves and throwing their partners out as they do. The sad thing is these businesses borrowed money to build these businesses that supported Amazon and now Amazon throws them to the wolves. BEWARE. With Amazon if they see you making a profit THEY will find a way to screw you and take it from you.

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