Today’s Pickup: Apple confirms development of autonomous tech

Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed the company is working on autonomous technology, possibly for a car.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed the company is working on autonomous technology, possibly for a car.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed in a Bloomberg interview on Tuesday that the company is working on autonomous technology, further fueling speculation that the software giant is developing a self-driving Apple car.

Cook would not confirm what the technology is for, but Morgan Stanley analysts believe it will be a car. “This is because Apple argues it is most successful when it vertically integrates in a market, controlling the hardware and software and creating a platform,” they wrote. 

If Apple follows this path, it could lead it into direct competition with Tesla, which is developing its own autonomous car, and Google, whose subsidiary Waymo is working toward autonomous vehicles as well, including a commercial truck.

Did you know?

According to a report from the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp, Southern California trade and logistics sector moved 598.3 million tons of freight in 2015 and directly employed 580,450 people, up 9.7% from 2005. In all, the industry supported 1.2 million jobs.


“In trucks, of course [Elon Musk's] stepping into it, but we don't see him as someone who is threatening to us because you need a whole infrastructure. You need dealerships, you need infrastructure, you need maintenance.”

- Marc Llistosella, head of Daimler Trucks Asia

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Final Thoughts

The development of autonomous vehicles continue to dominate the news with reports that Apple is working on the technology. With so many entities now working on these vehicles and pushing the boundaries of technology, maybe it’s time to wonder if we will see them on roadways sooner than we think.

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