Week in Trucking: Orders improving, using GPS in a time of need, and training new workers

For three consecutive months, new truck orders have increased. (Photo: Volvo Trucks)

This week in the Week in Trucking, we look at improving truck orders and optimism among carriers, why consumer GPS devices don’t work in trucking, GE’s approaching to training workers and how one carrier is finding success by offering its drivers video.

Truck orders humming along

For the third straight months, truck orders have increasing, according to FTR, indicating that positive vibes that continue to work through the industry. (CCJ)

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In times of need, ditch consumer GPS devices

When infrastructure or natural disasters affect travel, how does the commercial vehicle population get around? Well, if they are smart, it is not with consumer-grade GPS devices, but rather commercial products that provide dynamic routing. (Fleet Owner)

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Training the next generation

With more supply chain job seekers needing advanced training, General Electric has kicked off a program that aims to ensure those seeking jobs have the skills necessary to fill them. (Supply Chain Dive)

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The cost to rebuild

President Donald Trump has promised to tackle the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. The cost to do that, though, is likely to top $1 trillion. Part of that process will include cutting red tape to speed up approval processes, he said. (Reuters)

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Let’s go to the videotape

Carrier Arnold Transportation has added onboard video to its fleet, but rather than forcing its drivers to use the system, it allows drivers to opt-in to the technology. (CCJ)

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The search for drivers

According to a new report, trucking companies are refining their approaches to finding younger drivers, including more of a push toward social media. (Trucks.com)

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Inside an autonomous truck

The San Antonio Business Journal was given an up close view of what is happening with autonomous vehicles by a group of engineers from the Southwest Research Institute. (San Antonio Business Journal)

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