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StratusGrid achieves supply chain designation from world’s largest cloud service provider

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Powerhouse logistics companies require powerhouse technology solutions. 

A company’s core programs and applications are central to its daily business operations, and innovative software can be essential to unlocking new markets and revenue streams. On the other hand, inefficient and outdated systems and software may impede peak operating potential and business growth.

Building and maintaining robust customized and flexible systems can be overwhelming, as supply chain technology requirements are as intricate as the supply chain itself. Logistics companies often bring in third-party developers to engineer or optimize their systems. Professionals that understand the full scope of the industry can lend their knowledge to develop innovative and cutting-edge tools specific to logistics needs.

At the intersection of cloud-based software development mastery and an expert understanding of the supply chain is StratusGrid.

StratusGrid recently achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Supply Chain Competency in the “Service Offerings: Enable” category. This recognition underscored the company’s expertise and ability to provide logistics companies with software solutions on the world’s most widely adopted cloud platform, AWS. 

AWS has acknowledged StratusGrid as one of only 10 initial launch partners globally that have demonstrated the ability to deliver supply chain solutions for companies of all sizes and sectors to solve for their key pain points, including customer responsiveness, ability to endure disruptions, and becoming more responsible to the environment and global community, among others. 

“StratusGrid is proud to achieve the AWS Supply Chain Competency in the Service Offerings: Enable category,” said Chris Hurst, CEO at StratusGrid. “Our team is dedicated to helping companies achieve their business transformation goals by leveraging the agility, breadth of services and pace of innovation that AWS provides, and StratusGrid is especially well-positioned geographically at the heart of Freight Alley in Chattanooga, Tennessee.”

AWS enables scalable, flexible and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. In order to support the integration and development of these solutions, it established its Competency Program to recognize AWS Solution Providers with outstanding industry experience and AWS aptitude. These are companies that have demonstrated high levels of specialization and customer success. 

The Enable category designation indicates a company’s expertise in programs that enable the management of the supply chain, including business rules, performance, data, resources, facilities, contracts, supply chain network, regulatory compliance, risk and supply chain procurement.

Enable is among the five categories AWS service providers can achieve, with the others being Plan, Source, Make and Move.

StratusGrid helps logistics companies “Go Forth and Cloud” by working to solve their supply chain challenges through its cloud services, software development and technology consulting. It offers migrations, deployments, modernization, structuring of workloads and development of platforms central to their customers’ business operations. 

In an industry that moves as fast as the supply chain, instant data exchange is needed for companies to have nearly real-time information that will enable them to think on their feet and make critical business decisions. StratusGrid helps companies do just that through the optimization and modernization of customers’ core infrastructure and software. It works to improve their TMS or other mission-critical platforms, customer relationship management platforms, application programming interfaces and electronic data interchanges — then uses the power and scale of the cloud to bring their systems to the next level. 

StratusGrid’s AWS and cloud expertise allows it to offer numerous other services to support its customers’ platforms, including technology and cloud consulting, security and maturity assessments, and more.

To learn more about StratusGrid and its AWS and supply chain expertise, attend its upcoming workshop on Sept. 29 by clicking here.

Jenny Glasscock

Prior to joining FreightWaves, Jenny worked as a staff writer at a weekly newspaper and later as a safety assistant at a trucking company. She now enjoys a combination of both her interests as a FreightWaves sponsored content writer. She received her B.A. in English Publishing Studies from Illinois State University in 2018 and currently lives in Marengo, Illinois.