Chainworks latest to join the Blockchain in Transport Alliance

Chainworks announces its alliance with Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA).

The membership will strategically position Chainworks to invest in the pioneering Blockchain technology with BiTA. Chainworks will continue to offer prebuilt solutions and frameworks with integration services for the transportation industry. From driver records to secure payments to logistics, tracking and protecting commodities and many other use cases, Chainworks Innovation Lab is constantly vetting and experimenting with the growing number of permissioned Blockchain solution options for enterprise customers. Chainworks is committed to develop Blockchain solutions across the Transportation sector.

“We are excited to join BiTA, as Supply Chain is the first and foremost use case for adoption of Blockchain in B2B enterprises,” said Rohit Tandon, CEO and Founder of Chainworks. “The reason is simple, Blockchain is about securely sharing value and data cross-organization and cross-borders. Every company has Suppliers, thus, making the notion of a shared data ledger as one of the first use cases on Enterprise adoption curve. Transportation is a big piece of Supply Chain that could use Smart Contracts around driver identification, proof of delivery, real-time provenance of payloads, track physical assets etc. It is real-time, standard, cross-organization protocol for interoperability in the transportation ecosystem.”

Chainworks is one of the world’s first independent Blockchain advisory, development and B2B products / platforms firm. They are leading the blockchain technology with a deep focus on innovation whether through its internal innovation labs or co-innovating with its Enterprise customers. Chainworks empowers Blockchain for the Enterprise through its Imagine, Create and Operate service delivery model. The starting point of Blockchain integration journey are the ideation workshops held in collaboration with the business stakeholders. Chainworks is also serving the needs of the nascent ICO industry (Smart Contract Audits, Advisory and Development services and tools). Our development experience precedes the company formation by 5+ years when we were building applications on Bitcoin protocol to where we have watched the industry shift from Bitcoin as a store of value to the Blockchain Protocols(s) that it has spawned.

Founded in August of 2017, BiTA promotes the development and adoption of blockchain applications in the trucking, transportation and logistics industries, including establishing industry-wide standards. Members include truckload, LTL, and parcel carriers, as well as shippers, tech startups and incumbents, insurance companies, law firms, and other industry participants who have an interest in integrating blockchain technology into their organizations.

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