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Daily Infographic: DoorDash tests warning non-tippers

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  1. Missy Varga

    They REALLY need to do this! I Dash part-time & there are a LOT of people who simply don’t tip. You wouldn’t not tip a pizza delivery driver but because of the Dash subscription people don’t think to tip the delivery driver of the food/items they just ordered. That means the driver could only make $2.75 for your delivery, that’s not even 1 gallon of gas or worth our time. Like waitress/pizza delivery drivers we make our money from the tips. I do my absolute best to get food to people quickly & hot. My car has seat warmers that I use to insure to keep food warm by covering with a blanket until delivery, but I will still get stiffed on the tip. You take an order on good faith that someone will add the tip after delivery or tip you cash but 99% of the time they don’t. IT’s RUDE!!!

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