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DSC chat: Integrations key to building efficient supply chains

Trimble Maps helps make drivers more efficient

Watch now: The key to building an efficient supply chain

This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ Domestic Supply Chain Summit.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Partnerships and integrations: The key to building an efficient supply chain.

DETAILS: Current supply chain challenges have highlighted inefficiencies in the supply chain. Rishi Mehra breaks down what the future looks like and how to overcome these issues.

SPEAKERS: Mehra is the director of operations and strategy at Trimble Maps. Mary O’Connell writes the Check Call 3PL newsletter for FreightWaves.

BIO: Mehra is responsible for the global strategy within the truckload carrier and shipper verticals at Trimble Maps. He previously served as the director of web products starting in 2015, when Trimble Maps was ALK Technologies. 


“I think the biggest challenge that we face is all stakeholders working in their own silos. … If you are not getting access to the right information at the right time, that is leading to a lot of inefficiencies and poor decision-making. … We are not connected enough and that is causing the supply chain to feel the strains around it.”

“Through our trip management service, GPS pings from the carrier come directly into the service. The service computes the ETA [for delivery]. It factors in traffic and weather to raise any alerts, whether it is going to be an on-time arrival or a delayed arrival and is able to notify multiple parties. … It also factors the driver’s hours of service. … We are able to compute when the driver is going to need a break and will give everyone a more realistic arrival time.”

“You are starting to see more fleets adopting [driver trip planning tools] so drivers can plan their own trips. … Drivers are getting paid by miles and they want to be able to improve their own inefficiencies. It comes back to integrating different pieces of information through one platform to improve overall efficiencies.”

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