Opponents of EPA loosening glider kits rules get a quick stay from DC court

Photo: Fitzgerald Glider Kits

Attorneys representing the Sierra Club and other environmental organizations, fighting the recent EPA decision loosening regulations on glider kits, have won a stay in the EPA move to ease rules on the rebuilt truck engine emissions. 

According to news reports from Reuters, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, where the lawsuit was filed, said Wednesday it is requiring the EPA to respond to the lawsuit from the environmental groups by July 25. The Reuters report said the stay “is to give the court sufficient opportunity to consider the emergency motion” and is not ruling on the merits of the case.

The court ruled on the stay just one day after it was filed. The defendants in the original case–the Environmental Defense Fund, the Center of Biological Diversity and the Sierra Club–filed an emergency request for the stay on July 17. 

The EPA handed down its decision on glider kits July 6. As FreightWaves summarized the EPA action in an earlier story, “EPA officials told the New York Times they will not enforce a rule that prevents manufacturers from building more than 300 glider trucks per year through the end of 2019, giving the EPA time to permanently repeal the cap. The cap applies to glider trucks that do not meet the nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, and CO2 emissions limits for the year during which the truck was assembled. It went into effect in January and still legally exists. The agency has simply decided to forgo enforcement.”

The glider kit move was seen as the final significant action by former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, who resigned soon after.

In its request for a stay, the environmental groups summed up the crux of their argument. The EPA action “encourages the production and sale of thousands of super-polluting, heavy-duty diesel freight trucks in violation of the agency’s own Clean Air Act regulations,” the request said. “EPA’s decision not to enforce those regulations nationwide paves the way for immediate production and sale of these ‘gliders,’ which will operate for decades and emit orders of magnitude more pollutants than trucks compliant with current pollution-control standards.”


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John Kingston

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  1. Once again the opponents of gliders have no real or significant numbers that will substantiate their claim of a "Super Polluting" vehicle….this is another case of a possible greasing of the palms , equivalent to the eld mandate , which has done nothing but create more problems,…. Nothing has gotten better because of that ruling or any ruling that is made with blind eyes or some agenda by special interest groups…. Once again, follow the money trail…..Once corrupt, always corrupt!!!

  2. I have a compliant truck that breaks down every trip, uses more fuel, forces more lost revenue and down time, not to mention tow bills and hotel stays, and is bringing me to the brink of bankruptcy. Even the manufacturer admits my troubles are inherent to the design of the engine and emission components. A glider is often built with updates to the engines they use to be more efficient and reliable. Maybe the other side of the glider story should be investigated before the media condemns them.

  3. If you’re going to have glider kits with the old Motors Detroit’s cats Cummins then why not just let all trucks be like that because they overly priced these Glider Kits to only the rich can afford them and it’s ridiculous if you’re going to have one set of trucks being sold as a glider kit with old style Motors then you got these new trucks I here on the lot that isn’t worth a crap because of the d e f fluid that go inside them and it’s not safe at all to my thinking but that’s my opinion why not just go back to the old style motors for everybody and why you at it do away with the eld’s and these Bendix system that does self-driving trucks why not let drivers B drivers and while you’re at it and do away with the automatics don’t make all the trucks automatic cuz manual transmission is a skill if you can’t drive a manual the maybe you don’t need to be out there driving an 18-wheeler just my thought!!!!!

  4. All the ? huggers are at it again ? causes more Pollution Than then any truck out there are more of them OMG

  5. But yet these groups like for the truckers to be riding around on elements that can used to make
    Bombs you all who know Hazmat UREA is very violtaiale and also explosive when mixed with any igniter IE DIESEL FUEL ITS SAME
    CRAP TIMOTHY MCVEIGH used to blow up thenOKC court house

  6. The EPA is the worst thing to happen to the auto and truck industry. Taking billions in Lobbied money to make legislation that actually harms the environment and its constituents. The Big oil companies know that properly tuned vehicles and diesel engine should be getting double the MPG and burn twice as clean. And the Manufacturing of the engines and tuning now a days are designed to run exceeding rich and engineered to fail. A ten to fifteen year old vehicle that is well maintained, properly tuned, and without the scam that is the catalytic converter is less polluting than smelting new iron into steel to make new crap that brakes down. It’s our Generation’s fault in not educating ourselves and thinking that the powers that be can legislate common sense into people.

  7. And none of these mfers have ever set foot n a truck….that’s who makes decisions bout our livelihood…ELD’s are BS anyway…that’s why we’re even talkin bout it…I know wen I get tired n need a nap n wen I’m able to run than any stupid computer…LONG LIVE THE GLIDER !!!!

  8. Stupid uneducated people. The new trucks are putting out more emissions and pollution than the old engines you just can’t see it. Try to breath and follow a new engine truck down the road. Your eyes burn and you can’t hardly breath. Even the retarded in California have admitted to the fact new engines put out MORE POLLUTION THAN OLDER ENGINES.

  9. Corporate Coruption at it again. These people are worse than the mob ever was!!!
    Please quit looking out for what’s better for me it always ends up making me poorer and the corporate thieves wealthier