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F3 demos: FreightTech highlights importance of useful data

Technology solutions for freight show importance of improving productivity

(Photo: FreightWaves)

FreightTech companies demonstrated their innovative technology solutions for fleets during FreightWaves’ F3 Virtual Experience Tuesday. These demos show how technology can streamline processes from trailer management checks to invoicing.


Drop and hook lowers costs, increases capacity and improves warehouse productivity by preloading trailers. Convoy Go uses AI to analyze data for drivers’ interest in drop loads.

Check out the demo to find out how Convoy Go manages trailer data across the country.


Rydershare gives companies visibility and collaboration across supply chains in many industries.

Check out the demo to see how the platform works.


Expedock provides end-to-end invoice services using AI technology that catches discrepancies early.

Check out the demo to learn how Expedock could streamline your invoicing process.


Spireon provides near-real-time updates for trailer locations. Intelligent trailer management uses cargo sensors that provide quality data for users.

Check out the demo to see how trailer management could improve return on investment and optimize trailer fleets.


TuSimple is running daily autonomous tests from Phoenix to Tucson, Arizona. Safety operators are present in the truck for the journey, but the truck is running autonomously.

Check out the demo to see how TuSimple’s autonomous solution is facing traffic light, merging and traffic challenges.


Project44 helps shippers track their loads and uses weather and traffic data to estimate time of arrival.

Check out the demo to see how to customize filters and modes to find shipments within certain parameters.


SkyBitz SmartTrailer’s sensors and cameras provide data about which trailers are empty, full or have room for additional capacity. It also captures images when doors are opened.

Check out the demo to learn how AI can help maximize load volumes.

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Alyssa Sporrer

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