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F3 demos: FreightTech saves precious time

Time-saving technology takes center stage at FreightWaves’ F3 Virtual Experience

(Photo: FreightWaves)

FreightTech companies demonstrated their innovative technologies for fleets during FreightWaves’ F3 Virtual Experience. These demos show the importance of technology that streamlines operations such as payments, email and yard check-ins.

Isaac Instruments

Isaac Instruments products are tough, reliable and weatherproof. Isaac’s ELD is built to withstand harsh environments and minimize the number of taps that drivers need to make on-screen.

Check out the demo to see how the instruments work in action.


Gatego’s yard management software includes gate check-ins with smart autofill capabilities and administrative information such as trailer issues, tire inspections and yard capacity.

Check out the demo to explore how Gatego could save you time in the yard.

Platform Science

In partnership with Daimler, Platform Science’s Virtual Vehicle platform eliminates the need for duplicating information and simplifies ELD integration. Each vehicle is set up to run the platform, so aftermarket adjustments aren’t needed.

Check out the demo to find out how this solution could impact your business.


This payments platform is designed to make and take payments quickly and easily. Carriers can pay owner-operators using any method they want, and owner-operators can choose how they want to be paid.

Check out the demo to see how this visible payments process can improve cash flow.

Bright Way Vision

With 65% of the year being visually challenging for driving, autonomous driving solutions have to be able to navigate well in not-ideal environments. Bright Way Vision’s GatedVision technology can see well in any weather and lighting conditions.

Check out the demo to see how Bright Way Vision’s cameras deliver reliable camera views.


Front’s software helps companies assign accountability to email, prioritize important email and respond faster. It integrates easily with other programs, such as Salesforce and Slack.

Check out the demo to see how putting program rules in place can save time in email.


PowerFleet integrates supply chain solutions to manage assets and reduce disruptions. As container congestion and chassis constraints continue, real-time location and status data allow fleet managers to make informed decisions.

Check out the demo to see how you can find available chassis with ease.
Be sure to explore the rest of FreightWaves’ F3 Virtual Experience.

Alyssa Sporrer

Alyssa is a staff writer at FreightWaves, covering sustainability news in the freight and supply chain industry, from low-carbon fuels to social sustainability, emissions & more. She graduated from Iowa State University with a double major in Marketing and Environmental Studies. She is passionate about all things environmental and enjoys outdoor activities such as skiing, ultimate frisbee, hiking, and soccer.