Following trucking’s biggest bankruptcy: FreightWavesTV live coverage Monday, December 9th

FreightWaves continues to follow the fallout at Celadon Group. The biggest bankruptcy in truckload history is expected any day. An internal source tells FreightWaves that Indianapolis based Celadon Group will file for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11. Close to 3,500 employees could lose their jobs.

On Monday, December 9th, FreightWavesTV will begin live coverage at 11 a.m. EST. A special edition of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? will air from 3:30-4:30 EST.

You can catch the coverage on all of the FreightWaves social media channels including LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. You can also watch live on the FreightWavesTV app.

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  1. There must be a very large tax avoidance advantage for the company, eh? Watch closely; tax avoidance is how billionaires are made. It is NOT hard work, but deceptive guile.

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