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FreightTech innovation showcased during GSCW

Demos illustrate technology needed for future supply chains

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Five innovative FreightTech companies showcased their cutting-edge solutions during the FreightWaves Global Supply Chain Week. These demos showcased the need for automation, artificial intelligence and data analytics to improve international shipping processes.

Mercado Labs

Mercado Labs is a management system constructed to enhance the import supply chain. Its goal is to improve the time to market, increase sales and reduce expenses. The management system consists of three principal tools: Mercado Plan for sourcing teams, Mercado Buy for purchasers and buyers, and Mercado Move for logistics teams.

Check out the demo above as Mercado Labs compares the McDonald’s buying experience to the intricate pieces of the importing supply chain and the common issues that arise. Will she end up with the order she was hoping for?


ShipHawk is a cloud-based shipping and fulfillment software that helps wholesale, retail and e-commerce companies automate workflows and run data-driven supply chains. The tool is said to be particularly useful for companies that have experienced exponential growth and are starting to outgrow their current systems.

ShipHawk’s software offers visibility, custom reporting and on-brand tracking pages while leveraging the networks of large freight companies like FedEx, UPS, Worldwide Express and Amazon.

Check out the demo to see how ShipHawk can manage a growing business and continue to provide on-time delivery.

ZUUM Transportation

ZUUM Transportation is a rapidly growing logistics company with a vision to automate a customer’s logistics needs by working with fragmented capacity, systems and data flow to create a trusted network for a better supply chain experience.

Its technologies include automatic bidding, track and trace, workflow automation, predictive analytics and accounting. ZUUM offers a full-service solution available for all three key players: shippers, carriers and brokers.

Check out the demo to view the brand-new platform, ZUUM BEYOND TMS!

Redwood Logistics 

Redwood Logistics is a fast-growing logistics company providing its customers with a platform that integrates a variety of industry-leading technologies and services.

Redwood’s Rating API tool leverages its most recent partnership with Blue Yonder to offer customers instant truckload rates backed by guaranteed capacity. The partnership allows customers to take advantage of multiple data points, artificial intelligence and machine learning to make smarter supply chain decisions.

Check out the demo to see what Redwood’s latest tool has to offer.

RPA Labs

RPA Labs is a logistics process automation company that has created prebuilt software bots designed to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks for a better customer and employee experience.

RPA’s bots understand all supply chain conversations and industry paperwork, including customs documentation and port schedules. The bots are able to quote customers and collect documents through automated text messages with the help of RPA’s bot, Rippey.

Check out the RPA demo to see an easier way to answer the question, “Where’s my shipment?”

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Grace Sharkey

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