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FreightWaves donates $7,400 to American Logistics Aid Network in first phase of $50,000 fund-raising plan

Freight intelligence company FreightWaves presented the American Logistics Aid Network with a $7,400 check on May 8 as part of FreightWaves’ initiative to raise $50,000 in support of the humanitarian logistics organization’s work.

Chattanooga, Tennessee-based FreightWaves had announced it would contribute $50 to the group for each scale-model truck that was donated to its “Haul of Fame,” a wing at its new headquarters that commemorates past and present-day trucking companies. According to Criag Fuller, CEO and managing director of FreightWaves, 49 trucks have been donated to the wing since it opened at the “Freight Alley” headquarters in March.

The funds were presented on the third day of FreightWaves’ annual Transparency19 conference in Atlanta.

FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller shakes hands with ALAN Executive Director Kathy Fulton as he presents $7,400 check

Formed in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina, the non-profit agency better known as “ALAN” connects companies that have logistics resources to organizations that are responding to disasters and need logistics support. Logistics plays a critical role in disaster response, especially after the first 24-72 hours during which time relief groups are focused on survivor recovery, and providing basic needs such as food, water and shelter. It is estimated that logistics accounts for between 60 to 80 percent of the total cost of disaster response.

“ALAN does incredible work during the most difficult of times,” Fuller said. “Its efforts demonstrate the importance of what our industry does, and it represents the best of what we have to offer – utilizing our capabilities as a force for good. We will continue to support ALAN’s efforts well into the future.”

“I am grateful for FreightWaves’ donation and its continued support of our group and its work,” said Kathy Fulton, the group’s executive director. “FreightWaves is the most exciting organization to enter the transportation, logistics and freight industry in years. What is truly admirable is its commitment to the industry and to the many qualities that make it unique. We are proud to be associated with such a dynamic group of people.”

Mark Solomon

Formerly the Executive Editor at DC Velocity, Mark Solomon joined FreightWaves as Managing Editor of Freight Markets. Solomon began his journalistic career in 1982 at Traffic World magazine, ran his own public relations firm (Media Based Solutions) from 1994 to 2008, and has been at DC Velocity since then. Over the course of his career, Solomon has covered nearly the whole gamut of the transportation and logistics industry, including trucking, railroads, maritime, 3PLs, and regulatory issues. Solomon witnessed and narrated the rise of Amazon and XPO Logistics and the shift of the U.S. Postal Service from a mail-focused service to parcel, as well as the exponential, e-commerce-driven growth of warehouse square footage and omnichannel fulfillment.