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Insights and challenges in driver marketing – Taking the Hire Road

As the world progresses toward greater dependence on technology, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began, more companies are looking to a range of digital resources to recruit employees. Because of the vast number of options, such as LinkedIn, Indeed and many more, some technology companies are finding ways to simplify this process in order to bring in qualified candidates as seamlessly as possible.

Companies like Work4 specialize in performance-based social recruitment technology to bring companies qualified candidates for their business. As it pertains to the trucking industry, Work4 partners with carriers to provide them qualified CDL drivers and works to ensure the process is as transparent and efficient as possible.

“It’s harder for recruiters nowadays because there are so many sources and so many avenues,” said Ron Yazetti, senior director of sales at Work4. “Technology is great and I think there have been a lot of enhancements [over the years], but I think it can muddy the waters a lot of times for employers.”

Work4 uses social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to advertise job postings on behalf of companies they work with.

“We have done ads on almost every platform, but just because you can do something somewhere doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it there. That’s the challenge a lot of companies face — they feel they have to be on somewhere because it has the biggest buzz,” Yazetti said. “You have to fish where the fish are.”

Work4 recently surveyed 10,000 truck drivers in order to improve its processes across the board. Yazetti’s key takeaways from the survey include when to reach candidates, how often to reach out to candidates and the reasons many stay with their current company. 

Respondents had the option to leave personal comments surrounding their concerns, and among those concerns were lack of respect, honesty and transparency.

“There was a lot of personal feedback from drivers and a lot of it had to do with concern regarding if the carrier knows what it’s like in their shoes,” Yazetti said. “I think starting there is very important. Carriers should reflect on whether they get commended enough in their role as carrier, and if the answer is yes, could they be doing the same for the people who work for them, like the drivers?”

These insights gave Yazetti and Work4 knowledge of how best to go head-to-head with recruitment competitors, bring in the best candidates and ultimately place themselves in the shoes of the driver to provide them a seamless transition.

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